Have you ever felt intimidated by the yoga community or felt like you didn’t “fit in?” As magical as yoga is, there can still be a lot of ego caught up in the practice that can create an uninviting energy.

Dogmatic teaching styles or an obsession with tradition can actually be limiting to our movement and practice. Today’s guest, Chris Fox, is a yoga and movement teacher who is breaking down what it means to practice yoga.

As Chris says, “I teach people, not poses.” He reminds us throughout the episode that our movement practice needs to be more focused on how to enjoy our lives more, not about how to perform postures.

  • How to identify the type of yoga that works for you in each era of your life
  • Switching focus to what feels good instead of what looks good
  • Releasing the dogma of yoga
  • How to avoid yoga injury 
  • Movement to enjoy life, not yoga class

Find Chris online and follow his movement lessons on Instagram: @chrisfoxyoga

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