Ever felt intimidated by yoga because you didn’t fit the stereotypical “yoga body?”

Today’s guest, Bobbi-Jo Asher, is completely shifting the way people view a yoga body. She’s a powerful yoga teacher and the owner of Freedom Fitness and Yoga in Maricopa, AZ.

She has an incredible story – having started her fitness journey just two years ago and starting at 450 pounds. Bobbi-Jo has powerful insight on the weight loss journey for people who are obese and how to embrace the healing of yoga.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Bobbi-Jo’s powerful story of losing 200 lbs
  • Healing internally to feel better physically
  • Getting into yoga without the “yoga body
  • How to listen to your own body
  • Changing your mindset and loving yourself is everything

Find Bobbi-Jo’s studio at freedomfitnessandyoga.com or read more on her weight loss journey at takingmeback.com.
Follow @bobbiinaz on Instagram for daily yoga inspo.
You can also read her guest posts on my blog here.

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