Have an important date today or an interview for a job? Sometimes, we need a quick boost of added confidence, right? I’m not a fan of the “fake it until you make it” stuff. These 8 tips below will help you to actually feel more confident right now.

While you may not connect to ALL of the suggestions below, try each one and make note of your favorite. Then, repeat those consistently.

For those of us who weren’t born with naturally high confidence, we have to work to build the muscle. Try out your favorite practices regularly, make it part of your routine and you’ll see major differences.

Have fifteen minutes to spare? Try out this Self Love & Confidence Boosting Meditation.

1. Stand in a Power Pose

Think, Superman! Space the feet just wider than hip distance apart. Press down into the feet and lift through the top of the head, standing tall. Place both hands on the hips and focus on lifting the chest up, sliding the shoulder blades down and away from the ears.

Bonus: Lift your hands up in the air like you’re about to do the “Y” for YMCA.

These poses will naturally boost your levels of testosterone in the body, increasing your feelings of confidence.

2. Keep a Compliment Stash

When you receive a nice thought from someone, write it down, screenshot it or keep it somewhere. You can keep a Google Drive folder full of photos and documents with reminders of note from colleagues, clients, or friends.

When I’ve been struggling with confidence in the past, I wrote these out on a big poster that I would read through each morning. Sometimes, I’d just need to read a couple. Other days, I would read the entire thing!

Return and read over them when you need a boost.

3. Write Your Own Compliments

Make your own notes! Write down ten things you love about yourself and keep the list handy. Write a kind note on your mirror about how much of a badass you are. Find your favorite confidence affirmations!

Even better? Write yourself an entire love letter.

4. Listen to a Badass Song

When I felt unsure of myself on a motorbike, I made a playlist of songs that gave me confident and it made a HUGE difference.

What songs make you feel lit up inside? I’m sure you have songs that make you want to sing the lyrics at the top of your lungs. Or maybe there are songs you find irresistible to dance to?

Make a confidence playlist or borrow mine!

5. Do Something You Know You’re Good At

Sounds silly, but doing something that you’re good at will remind with some confident energy.

What do you know you’re badass at doing? This could simply be cooking your favorite dish, practicing your calligraphy skills, or taking an online Harry Potter quiz that proves you’re the ultimate fan (that’s a go-to of mine).

Just do something you KNOW you’re talented at already, just for fun.

6. Put On Your Favorite Outfit

We all have an outfit or two that makes us feel important, whether it’s a fancy dress or a matching underwear set that’s just for you. Put on some clothes that are going to help you feel like the queen you are.

Or a bold lipstick (I like this). It’ll give you a great boost.

7. Get Out of Your Head and into Your Body

Grab a song you love and dance it out, go running, hit the yoga mat.

Our lack of confident is due to overthinking, which can be shut down with movement. One of my favorite mottos? Get out of your head and into your body. Anxiety will only make your lack of confidence grow. Shake it off!

8. Do Something Kind for Yourself

A moment of self-care like a face mask, or quiet cup of tea, or go for a stroll.

We don’t put ourselves as top priority very often. Doing something kind for yourself that requires investment of time, effort, or finances will remind your brain that you’re WORTHY.

Confidence boost, guaranteed.

Looking for more ways to boost confidence? Try out this affirmation meditation to get you motivated first thing in the morning or read through these affirmations to find one that works for you.

Do you have a favorite practice on this list? Comment below and let me know!

Bonus challenge – Share something you like about yourself in the comments! Celebrate it, my friend!

Sending hugs,

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