Trauma is too often part of our human experience, but Michael is doing amazing work to help heal that pain.

Michael describes himself as a Trauma Survivor, Warrior, and Mentor:

  • Trauma Survivor: Son of drug addicts and abusers, molested by family friend, mother cut off my finger, homeless by 10, drug addict by 12, alcoholic by 19, morbidly obese twice, total fucking failure.
  • Trauma Warrior: After my “Mirror Moment” I created the life I wanted through self-actualization and mindset training. It’s taken my entire life to get to the place I am today.
  • Trauma Mentor: Through mindset and hard work, I have become the happiest, healthiest, and most in love with myself than I have ever been and I want to gift the world with the tools and knowledge I have accumulated to do the same. I am no longer that lost, lonely, unloved, and broken little boy. I AM UNBROKEN.

In this episode, we discuss: 

  • Michael’s own story of childhood trauma, hitting rock bottom, and pulling himself into a new life
  • How to get out of the vortex of our darkness to “slay our dragons”
  • What trauma really is (it’s not all physical)
  • The role church played in shame and judgement
  • Using yoga or physical movement to heal

Find Michael online and more information on his program at
Check out his powerful podcast, Think Unbroken

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