Looking for a boost of high vibe, confident, loving energy? Today’s self love meditation is designed to do just that – in only 12 minutes! Get comfy and let’s shake up your mood.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it 100x more, YOU ALREADY LOVE YOURSELF.

It takes a level of love, even a small amount, to care for yourself everyday. You put in the work, you seek out positive experiences, and you do the simple things – like feed yourself. That’s self care!

self love meditation

Plus, you’re reading this blog and ready to do this meditation, which proves that you adore yourself enough to want MORE. You’re looking to feel more of that love, yes?

Congrats! Just by having the desire to focus more time and energy on yourself, you’re already making big shifts. There is so much power in our ability to make decisions. You’re here – you’re on the right path.

Give yourself a little moment of gratitude before we dive in.

Self Love Meditation

For this meditation, we are going to focus on the energy of love and gratitude. I’ll walk you into a deep state of relaxation where we’ll begin to play with those feelings.

What does love feel like on the body? Gratitude? Joy? Let’s find out:

After your meditation, can you spare a couple minutes more for yourself?

Take out your favorite notebook or open a note in your phone and brain dump. What came up for you in the meditation? Write down what it felt like, what moments of the meditation you connected with the most.

As we become more clear on what the feelings themselves are like, we can bring about that energy more easily.

Growing Your Self Love

Like any other relationship, growing the love you have for yourself takes time.

I’m not saying it will take you a long time to figure out, I mean it takes dedicated time. You can’t expect a new relationship to blossom if you don’t spend any time together, right? It works the same way.

For your self love to grow, you must invest time and energy into it.

 self love meditation

Ask yourself – what helps you to feel loved by others? (If you’ve read the 5 Love Languages, knowing your language styles may be helpful.)

Once you’ve figured that out, create a plan for how to give that to yourself.

For example, one of my clients feels loved by those around her when she receives praise. She feels best at work when someone celebrates her effort. The best relationships are the ones which fuel her with supportive words. She now shows herself love through writing letters to herself or pinning up powerful affirmations around her space.

I really enjoy touch and quality time. To show myself love, I take the time to do silly things I enjoy – like doodling and enjoying a solo glass of wine. I’ve also learned the art of self massage and self pleasure.

How can you invest more time in yourself?

Unconditional Self Love

Building self love can be done in so many different ways. But there’s something truly magical about UNCONDITIONAL self love.

I’m talkin’ – deep, unconditional, powerful love for YOURSELF.


Listen, going after what you want takes some big ovaries! It takes courage and dedication and focus. But more importantly, it requires true confidence, like “I’m human as fuck and am bound to fail a number of times but I BELIEVE IN MYSELF anyways” kind of confidence.

So I got here with self love, because it was foundational for having the tools to take the following steps:

  • Go against the “shoulds” the rest of the world was feeding me
  • Create a new group of friends – people who actually supported me and lifted me up
  • Jump into the life of a business woman, knowing that I had no idea how to get started
  • Invest in my re-education, taking the courses and coaching I needed to better myself

There’s no “magic formula” for going after the life you want, but I can promise you something – you won’t get there without self love.

Nothing will ever feel like enough if you can’t develop real faith in YOU.

Kelsey and I are here to help you take the next step towards unconditional self love. Our 8-week group coaching course launches October 4th for our fall session. We’ll take you through some deep shit: developing your worth, changing self talk, appreciating your body, eliminating toxic people from your life, and so much more.

We help you do the work and you’ve got sisters around the world cheering you on through the process. If you’re longing to fix the relationship you have with yourself, stop waiting around.

NOW is your time and we’re going to gift you with a special bonus when you sign up today.

Investing in yourself will powerfully launch you forward on your journey. What could be a better use of your money and time?


You deserve all the love, energy, attention, and investment that you can give yourself.

Don’t allow this session to pass your by!

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YOU deserve your attention.

Let’s do this babe!