Anyone else annoyed by the overused quotes on Insta about being happy all the time or positive about everything?

Same! Mostly because it’s total BS! 

In today’s episode, I dive into the problems with the “positivity movement” and how it’s holding back your growth and healing. It sounds like a cool idea, but there is nothing awesome about avoiding our full range of emotions. And there is nothing wrong with feeling sad, angry, anxious, etc.

I’ll break down how:

–          Being positive all the time is not helpful

–          Allowing yourself to sit in “negative emotions”

–          Part of being human is to accept suffering and discomfort

–          Stop chasing after happiness, it’s fleeting

Journal prompts from the podcast: What does happiness mean to me? What emotions have I been trying to avoid in my life that need to come up? What stressed me out? What do I need to get off my chest today?

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