It’s back!!! The Soul Sister’s Guide to Self Love is doing another Instagram challenge. This time, we’ve cut it down to a week, so it’s easier than ever to participate. The Self Love Insta Challenge takes place September 23-29, 2019. You in?

Listen, we aren’t here to teach you how to love yourself. You’ve already got that figured out – it’s why you’re here! It’s why you’re signing up for this challenge.

But here’s the thing, we all need reminders sometimes. Life is rushing by and we forget to take care of our most important relationship – the one you have with yourself.

This challenge will give you reminders and tools to invest in yourself. Girl – you deserve it!

Do you fall for any of these self love myths?!

Daily Challenges:

Each day, we invite you to enjoy some form of self love. We are exploring the five love languages in a totally new way – to express SELF love.

What to post? That’s entirely up to you! You can take a photo of you doing the actual challenge or anything that floats your boat. We want to see you have fun with this.

Be artistic. Be silly. Be YOU.

Day One – Intro Yourself

Monday, September 23

Post a favorite photo of yourself or maybe a brand new selfie and introduce yourself! This is the perfect way to get to know others who are participating in the challenge.

The challenge? Share at least THREE things you adore about yourself in your caption. This could be physical things, such are your gorgeous brown eyes, or anything you want to celebrate, like your badass organization skills.

Day Two – Act of Service

Tuesday, September 24

One of the ways to show love is through acts of service. We are so used to doing things for others, but today, we want you to celebrate service you give to yourself.

If you usually eat out, take the time to cook yourself a meal. Perhaps de-clutter a part of your room? Don’t think of these as chores, but rather a way to do something for yourself.

Do something to make tomorrow morning easier or your space more enjoyable.

Day Three – Give a Gift

Wednesday, September 25

Today is all about treating yourself!

Can you treat yourself to a gift? Perhaps buy yourself a nice coffee, fresh flowers for your kitchen counter, or a new lipstick.

If you wanna go extravagant, do it. But this can be something really inexpensive, like a candy bar. Allow yourself to spend something on you and allow yourself to feel good about it. Release any guilt you might have.

You’re worth it, babes!

Day Four – Quality Time

Thursday, September 26

Ready for another gift? Today, it’s the gift of TIME.

Even if you can only spare ten minutes today, give yourself that time to do something you LOVE. Work on a craft project, go on a walk, bake something magical. Or maybe, tune inwards and spend that time journaling, reflecting, or meditating.

When we can give ourselves the time to do what we enjoy and connect with ourselves, we affirm the belief that we are WORTHY of it.

You are worthy of investment, especially with your time.

Day Five – Enjoy Touch

Friday, September 27

Let’s get physical!

Today is all about touch or physical movement. When we give attention to our own bodies, immense healing takes place.

You can take yourself out for a massage or your favorite fit class. But you can also just give yourself a massage, right? A little foot massage and some light stretching can do your body (and mind) some good!

And hey, we also encourage self touch in all the ways that make you feel really good 😉

Day Six – Words of Affirmation

Saturday, September 28

This is one of our favorites!

Grab a whiteboard marker or post-it notes and leave yourself a nice note on your favorite mirror. You can use a confidence boosting affirmation or make a bold statement.

Try using the words, “This is what a _________ woman looks like!” And fill in the blank with whatever you’re working towards, i.e. confident, strong, successful.

If you don’t want to place it on the mirror, leave it somewhere you’ll see it every day. Then, make sure you READ it out loud daily.

Day Seven – Plan a Date

Sunday, September 29

When was the last time you took yourself out on a date? We’re talking solo dates baby!

Taking yourself on a date is a beautiful display of self love, as you’re dedicating time and energy to your #1 relationship – the one with yourself.

So today, we want you to take yourself on a date. Go big with a fancy dinner out or keep it low cost by taking a new book to your favorite coffee shop. You can even do a zero cost date by taking yourself on a walk and picnic at the park.

There is no right or wrong way to do a date!

If you can’t schedule the date in today, that’s okay. Make a plan for your date within the next two weeks. Spend time today planning the date, maybe make reservation or do something to cement the plan into your calendar.

Let us know what your date night is!

Oh wait! Earn a bonus!

You can have your name entered into the drawing TWICE by completing the following (in addition to doing the challenge).

Share the following photo and caption on Instagram or Facebook by the end of the day on Monday, September 23:

I’m participating in this upcoming Self Love Challenge! Wanna join me?
Taryn and Kelsey put together this challenge to help us prioritize self care and encourage each other as we do it together. It’s easy to enter!
To participate, all you have to do it:
1. Sign up for the challenge at
2.Post a photo based on the challenge each day
3. Use the following tags in each post: #soulsisterlovechallenge @mindful_monarch @theremoteyogi
(Oh, and you can get bonus points by sharing this photo and caption.)
Cheers to prioritizing ourselves!

Win a Prize!

You already get an awesome prize of spending time on yourself each day. Hell yes!

But, we wanted to celebrate your decision to invest time in yourself by giving away some prizes. Complete the challenge to be entered to win!

  • TWO winners will be selected to receive our 8-week Self Love Group Coaching Course that launches October 4, 2019 (worth $333)
  • ONE winner will receive the course AND two 1-on-1 coaching sessions to dive even deeper (worth $777)

Even if you don’t win one the prizes, we’re giving ALL participants $111 off the course price!

The Soul Sister’s Guide to Self Love is not your basic online course. Over the course of 8-weeks, you’ll receive the tools and lessons to explore your relationship with the self. We dive deep as a sisterhood, with group coaching sessions and an active FB community to hold you through it.

Our goal for the course? To leave you feeling fucking awesome and happy! We want you to have better relationships, confidence to go after your dreams, and the permission to radically accept every part of who you are.

Spread the Love

Once the challenge starts, spread the love by liking and commenting on each other’s photos. It makes the challenge even more powerful when we do it as a sisterhood, as a community.

We’re so excited to dive in and do this challenge with you! Add @theremoteyogi and @mindful_monarch on Instagram and send us messages if you feel stuck on any of the challenges. We’re here to support you!

You can also join the free FB group, Remote Yogis Worldwide, to connect with some other people doing the challenge!

Sending you love!