If you’re human and reading this, chances are you struggled with food in some way, right?

For many of us, food can be a stress trigger, something that spirals us into a place of guilt or shame. Living in a society that gives value to what is “healthy,” we can find ourselves dealing with a lot of negative emotions when it comes to how we eat. Today’s guest, Victoria Evans, is here to tell you that your eating patterns are 100% human.

Victoria Evans is an intuitive eating coach and an amazing one at that. Like many of us in the coaching world, she uses her own battle with body image and self worth to uplift her clients. Victoria’s road to confidence did not come easy, as she struggled with weight gain, eating disorders, and a workout obsession that nearly killed her.

Whether you’re simply feeling frustrated with dieting, feel guilty every time you skip the gym, or have experienced any form of an eating disorder, this episode is for you. (So, everyone?) You’ll be moved by her story and feel empowered by all the fantastic advice she delivers.

In this episode, we discuss: 

  • Victoria’s personal battle with eating disorders and loneliness
  • How to understand brain science to relate to your eating habits
  • Working through anxiety and personal growth
  • The importance of connection and vulnerability

Listen to Victoria’s first interview with me here to dive deeper into her story, including her battles as an “Instagram Inspiration.”

Find Victoria’s programs and coaching resources at victoriaevansofficial.com
Dance along with Victoria on Instagram: @VictoriaEvansOfficial
Listen to her podcast: Weighing In On Happy on iTunes | Spotify

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