Hey human, have you ever struggled with insecurity or self doubt?

I know self love and the talk of self care is ALL over the place right now. It’s a pretty trendy topic. But with it being trendy, there’s also so much room for myths and misunderstandings about how to strengthen that self love.

Kelsey is a healer, coach, yoga teacher, and dear friend. Her passion and drive is to help others to heal themselves and keep an elevated vibration through the practice of yoga, breath work and sound medicine. And she does just that!

In this episode, we discuss: 

  • The humanness of raising little humans and it’s challenges
  • Healing after a divorce or break up
  • The belief that you already love yourself and how to strengthen that love
  • How to better your life and relationships through radical self care

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Listen to Kelsey’s first interview with me here to dive deeper into her story.

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