Have you been away from yoga? Or something else that you really enjoy or feels good? That’s okay!

Regardless of what you have convinced yourself of, there is no reason to beat yourself up for taking time away from things. Even the good things.

We tend to have this belief that we are failing if life gets crazy and we fall behind. Whether we’re talking about your actual yoga practice or any other healthy habit you tend to enjoy, there will be moments in your life when it becomes less present.

Life gets bust. Especially in these summer months that are coming to a close.

It’s unfair to beat yourself up it.

I’ve Been Off My Mat

The summer months are crazy, yes?

We are flooded with the fire energy of the summer. There’s new enthusiasm to tackle projects, explore vacation spots, and get outdoors. For moms, you now have little ones in your hair all day long.

I’ve also been feeling this energy.

There’s been an influx of social activity and travel in the last few months. I’ve been touring friends and family in the US. New projects have been birthed.

Shit has been happening. (You too, huh?)

With that, I completely dismissed my yoga practice.

Don’t get me wrong, I did my usual twists and lazy poses in bed each night. I recorded lessons for my courses and membership.

But I probably only practiced my own yoga flows for less than thirty minutes a week.

Yikes! Three months later, my body was hurting. My back has been in pain and my joints are creaking like an old porch swing.

Getting Back to Yoga

This week, I’ve been settling back into routine as I get comfortable in Bali.

What immediately returned? My intention to make yoga a major priority in my life.

Just two days into living back in Ubud and practicing yoga, my body started rejoicing. I could feel her calling out, “yes girl! THIS is what we’ve been waiting for. Thank you!”

I’ll admit, I was a bit nervous. Day two, I headed into a 90-minute advanced vinyasa with a dear friend of mine and headed to the back of the room. I was already allowing myself to feel embarrassed for what my body wasn’t going to be able to do.

Wanna know something awesome?

My body jumped right back into it. Yes, I started off slow. I began to move in gentle ways. And I was shaking in those damn crescent warriors.

But I nearly cried in joy when my body began to flow like no time had passed. It knew exactly what to do.

Getting back on my mat was a celebration.

It doesn’t matter how long it’s been

When you step away from your yoga practice (or anything else you enjoy), you’ll know when it’s ready to go back. Something will call you in. There will be something pulling you back onto your mat.

It might be your body cramping up, begging for attention. Listen to her.

However, it’s important that you are kind to yourself. There is no need to criticize yourself for having been away.

Your practice does not care how long it’s been or why you were away. It’s just so happy to have you back. It’s celebrating your return! The time frame itself does not matter at all.

Time only has power over your life if you give it that power.

Think about it. A puppy doesn’t care if you left the house for five minutes or five days, it has the same happy reaction every time.

Each time you make a choice to do something healthy or something you love, celebrate it. I don’t care if you’ve been away from your paints and canvas for ten years – you’ll step right back into it.

And your soul will rejoice for it!

What are you ready to add back into your life?

As the summer chaos comes to a close, are you calling something back into your life?

Step back on the mat (metaphorically). Be gentle and be slow. But freaking celebrate coming back, rather than focusing on how long it’s been.

Embrace every step of the journey.

And tell me in the comments, what are you inviting back into your life?

Sending my support,