What does self love have to do with relationships? Pretty much, everything. Have you ever found yourself being an insecure or clingy girlfriend? Or compared yourself to your friends? It’s not pretty. With self love, you will create better relationships.

I called upon one of my dear friends, Amelia Fluet, to join me in a quick chat today. Amelia is one of the original members of the Remote Yogi Tribe and an alumni from the Soul Sister’s Guide to Self Love, but she’s also been doing a ton of self love work on her own.

After going through a tough breakout on a year-round trip of traveling the world, Amelia had to learn how to be her own support system. FAST. Since then, she’s seen an incredible improvement in her friendships and her current romantic relationship is blooming.

Check out this ten-minute video for the goods:

Breakdown of Self Love Benefits on Relationships

Okay, self love is great for you. We get that. But learning to love yourself will have amazing benefits on your relationships.

Let’s do a quick walk-through of what we discuss in the video.

Stop Being Needy

We become needy in our relationships when we are feeling insecure. Have you ever questioned if your friends really like you? Or felt upset when people didn’t make time for you?

We end up using our relationships as a way to make ourselves feel good. If there is a lack of self love, we turn to others for their encouragement.

This is actually a pattern of co-dependency. Not cute.

When you learn to love yourself fully, you’re no longer relying on your romantic partners or friends to be your source of self esteem. When you can release that neediness, you show up for your friends with better support.

Don’t Let Insecurities Ruin Friendships

Have you ever found yourself at your best friend’s engagement party and while, yes, you’re happy for her, you’re also feeling pretty jealous? Which holds you back from fully celebrating with her?

One of the big things I realized when I began to love myself was that I stopped comparing myself to my other relationships.

When you respect yourself and feel good about where you are in your life, you won’t compare yourself to your friends. This will allow you to actually celebrate the wins of your people without holding back.

Setting Boundaries

Boundaries is one of my favorite words when I’m talking about all relationships – friends, romantic partners, families, co-workers.

When you don’t love yourself, you don’t respect yourself. If there’s no respect, you won’t create healthy boundaries with the people in your life. This is when I see people get taken advantage of. I know from my own experience.

With boundaries, you can say no to things you don’t want to do. The people in your life will begin to respect your needs for self care.

Oh! And there’s no need to explain yourself.

Pssttt… Sex is Better with Self Love

Oh yea, and sex.

Getting your freak on in the bedroom is way more fun when you feel good about yourself. Self love builds confidences which helps you to explore new things with your partner.

It makes a huge difference.

Have your relationships gotten better with self love?

Let us know about your experiences and lessons down in the comments below.

If you’re new to figuring out self love, I’m here for you. Reach out and let’s connect! We all need a support system on the journey.

Sending love!