I’m done with it. I’ve had enough of the hustle and I want more flow. Stress and I have made our official break up.

I was over his nagging presence, always bringing me down, and especially not living up to my full potential. Enough was enough.

It takes real commitment to finally allow yourself to be free of stress, but being rejuvenated with a feeling of freedom is entirely worth the effort. 

Convincing the masses to stop hustlin’

That is why I collaborated with Lara Sosanwo to create a video to find a healthy balance between “the hustle” and “flow state.”

If you’ve yet to meet Lara, she’s a total yogi badass. She’s an excellent content writer and SEO goddess, running her own business – Her Backpack Bliss. She’s also one of our amazing guest teachers on the Remote Yogi Tribe.

Lara says, “I used to be a stressed-out, exhausted, unhappy marketing professional. I wondered: is this it????? And decide to go and find my bliss.”

A total badass move. Similar to my own story, Lara sold everything she owned, became a yoga teacher, and committed herself to a life of travel. Oh, and WAY less stress. You can learn more about her story in her interview.

“Now I know about self care and how to take care of myself.”

Lara Sosanwo

Hustle vs Flow Presentation

In this video you will see exactly that: how to let go and find your bliss.

The Hustle: Breakdown

We all have passions, or maybe it is more of a responsibility or duty to be working as hard as we do. In the Western world, we tend to praise overworking and almost celebrate stress.

What? It’s true.

Have you ever caught yourself almost bragging about how much is on your plate to others? Sometimes it can be an addiction. Workaholism is a real issue in our society, one that I still have to keep in check.

Take a close look at your own addiction to productivity. Does everything have to be a certain way? Do you pride your scheduled-to-the-brim calendar?

And let’s say you maybe take a vacation… Do you find yourself feeling lazy or worthless? There is a guilt and shame that comes with taking time for yourself.

Yikes! See where hustle can get dangerous?

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Finding the Flow State

What’s Flow? It is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.

In human terms, it’s when time ceases to exist.

It’s when you dive so deeply into a task, that you don’t care to check your phone. You have one tab open. The work just comes out of your naturally and with ease.

In doing so, you have to honor the aspect of self-care. And you know how much I’m obsessed with self-care. (And if you don’t, do watch the vid.)

It no longer has to be seen as a luxury in your life; it is a necessity and needs to be scheduled into your day just as a business call would.

You cannot perform your best at work (let alone, get into a flow state) unless you are taking care of your mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

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How to Find the Balance

Okay, so how do we stop hustlin’ so much and allow for some more flow? Watch the video for the deats, but here’s a breakdown:

  • Breathing practices to focus and calm down
  • Get out of your head and into your body
  • Schedule “OFF” time
    • Pomodoro Technique
    • Days/Evenings off
  • Rewrite your false beliefs about work

This is a subject that we are so passionate about. Working hard allows us to crush little goals. But the satisfaction only lasts so long.

With any type of job, you can let yourself really get caught up. Then you really only take a standard (and much-needed) vacation once or twice a year.

This is how we get burnt out. It’s time to let go of that.

It’s time to make time for a daily vacation, a vacation of self love. Creating a flow mental state will help you feel more present, focused, and enjoy what you are doing.

Go dance in flowers

It has to be something you make time for each day. Five minutes in the car, a couple clearing breaths at work, adjusting your hours, finding time for something you enjoy.

Create a healthy body, mind, and living space for yourself.

A Challenge From Lara

Make a Happy-List with all of the things that bring you joy. Now mindfully add more of those things into your schedule this week.

Bonus: Get creative and beautify your list.

A Challenge from Taryn

Make a Priority List. List out your top 7-10 priorities (self care, business, relationship, passion project etc.) Then rank them, but be super honest about it.

What would you give up first? That goes last, etc.

Ready to give up the hustle?

Okay, maybe not completely. As you see in the video, we actually enjoy moments of hustle, but don’t let it become a way of life.

Think about your addictions to productivity and how you can make more time for things you enjoy. What allows you to drop into that stress-free state of flow? Do that!

Let us know in the comments, what’s one change you’ll make this week?

Keep going, rockstar!

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