This is a guest post about falling in love written by Tribe Member and Self Love Alumni, Anni Hy.

Hi there. My name is Anni, though it wasn’t always… Anni was born out of a beautiful transformation, an unbecoming, if you will, but we’ll get to that. 

Her story starts on this very website, two years ago.

It all started with Harry Potter…

April 26, 2018

My name is Julia and I’m hunting online for a clear photo of a Dark Mark. You know, the tattoo that Voldemort burns onto all of his followers in Harry Potter. It’s for my next tattoo.

I’ve been officially diagnosed as bipolar 1 with anxiety, among other things. For just over two years, I’ve been searching for the perfect representation of how my condition makes me feel.

Like I’m being forced into a role I didn’t want or ask for but was born into. That I don’t want to be defined by a diagnosis, but by my choices.

Five minutes into my search, I stumble upon a blog post entitled, “Why I got the Dark Mark Tattoo,” and I’m floored by how much this woman and I have in common.

Her article related so much to own life – depression, divorce, and of course, an obsession with Harry Potter.

A moment of courage

How many times do you see these notes at the bottom of an article:

“Hey, if this reached you or if you have any questions or comments reach out to me?”

And then think, “yeah, right”.

But, something was different this time…

I figure I have nothing to lose. I can’t sit here and not tell her how everything she’s said resonates deeply with me.

I start my email, “Not to be creepy…”

Yeah, TOTALLY not a weird way to start an email to someone you don’t know at all. ?

So, I cry while I write my little story, hit the send button, and figure that was that. 

I just read your article and basically cried because of how much I relate….

… I’m sorry this is some lengthy random email from someone you don’t even know, half-way across the world – but it seriously hit home. And I’m so glad there’s another person who understands, who has made it through and chosen to act on the goodness rather than dwell on the bad, even though it exists for a purpose. 

Your words give me hope. Thank you.

Julia Hy

But it wasn’t.

A spark of hope

Within a day, Taryn had written me back. 

This person who understood core bits and pieces of me without having to know me previously at all, took the time and wrote back.

And then asked to Skype..

I’d never expected a stranger to show me the time of day in responding to some random email, let alone want to actually meet me to talk through everything we had in common, the good and the bad.

We talk about how we’ve both dealt with pain, finding coping mechanisms that helped us through dark times, and reminded us who we were in our hearts. 

Gotta represent nerds everywhere!

Getting back to Yoga

I’ve always had an on-again, off-again relationship with yoga, it was always Tarot that helped me sort out my mind.

Taryn is just starting her Remote Yogi Tribe but wasn’t using Tarot often or quite like I did. Before I know it, we’re both teaching each other more than we realize.

She quickly becomes a guiding light whenever I just needed to know someone understands. 

Soon I’m not only staying on track with my yoga but all of a sudden, I have a whole tribe of people I can talk to, who understand me.

Finding Support

Month on month, the Tribe continues to grow. There are more women on our monthly calls, more programs and coaching being offered… but the one thing that never changes is Taryn’s continued support.

She is there when I realize:

  • That my relationship isn’t healthy.
  • I’m not the person everyone had been telling me I was my entire life.
  • That it is time to transform, shaving my head. (so liberating!) and changing my name (Taryn becomes one of the first people to recognize me as Anni without question.)

Finally, after a hospitalization, Taryn is one of the first to support me in getting the help I need.  

Embracing Self Love

Our story now rolls forward to February of this year and the first run of Taryn and Kelsey’s Self-Love Course.

I’m not normally one for self-help style books, courses, or anything of the sort. I fully believe they work, I just usually prefer more guidance than trusting myself to check in weekly.

But this… this is different. 

For once, I can’t wait to get through each week’s material (I’d later go through the eight week program twice on my own with the materials I was able to download!)

I have never been so sure of myself or loved myself more than I do at this moment.

My room transforms from pristine white walls with a few pieces of art to being covered with clippings – like a 1950’s detective looking for a serial killer. Affirmations, a vision board, things to help my chakras, things that make me happy and smile, and everything I love about myself

For the first time ever, a meditation breaks me down to the point where I’m sobbing.

While I don’t discount counseling and psychiatry (and have gone regularly for more than five years), this course is able to help me get through so many roadblocks I’d had in my head. The course did just as much, if not more, for me in eight weeks than those five years had.

Self love changed everything for me.

Life’s a Rollercoaster

My journey with Taryn has been a roller coaster, and most likely will continue to be because that’s life. But I’m glad to have her with me. To have a support base that fits in the palm of my hand and goes wherever I go.

And to know that I am never alone. 

After all –

“I’m on a roller coaster that only goes up, my friend.”

John Green

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Anni Hy

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