It’s shocking – the number of times we criticize ourselves all day, right? We may not even be aware of it, but the majority of us spend a lot of time speaking unkindly to ourselves. It’s no wonder our confidences are low and the idea of self love can feel intimidating. But have no fear – you are capable of changing the way you talk to yourself. Step one, try out these self love affirmations for the boost you’re looking for.

Below, you’ll find more than fifty self love affirmations that have been shared from my clients, friends, and the happy realms of Pinterest. These are great tools for giving yourself the pep talk needed to go after your dreams.

But, don’t stop there. Self love is a practice, one that should be returned to every day and it goes beyond self love affirmations.

A Yogi’s Path to Self Love

Self Love is one of my favorite things to gush about, so I was overjoyed to share my knowledge on the Mind Your Vibe podcast. Give yourself thirty minutes today to inspire your own path to self love.

In this episode, we explore:

  • My personal journey of chasing perfectionism in order to find self-worth.
  • How teaching yoga allowed me to uncover my true self and step into a whole new life
  • Why your relationship with yourself should be your #1 priority
  • Stories about turning flaws into strengths
  • How rewriting the story of yourself is a powerful tool of transformation

Listen, there are always things we would love to change about ourselves. I’m not suggesting you gloss over them with affirmations you don’t believe in. Rather, I hope you can take some time to create a deeper relationship with yourself and shift your perspective. Let me know your favorite part of the episode down in the comments.

50+ Self Love Affirmations

I encourage you to scroll through this list and see what words pop out at you. Write those down! You may even choose to create your own affirmations that are a mixture of your favorite words. Have fun with it.

Then, use them! Set reminders in your phone to say your affirmations throughout the day. Use a whiteboard marker to write them on your mirror. Place sticky notes where you are going to notice them daily. Make these positive words part of your daily habit.

Confidence Affirmations

I believe in me.

I’m proud of myself and my achievements.

I have the power to change my own story.

self love affirmations

I accept myself just as I am.

I am proud of myself for even daring to try.

I’m learning to trust my intuition.

All I need is within me.

I know I am doing the best I can.

I am now creating the life I love.

self love affirmations

I am free of all limiting beliefs.

I honor myself and the decisions I make.

I choose to stop apologizing for being me.

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Worthiness Affirmations

Doors of opportunity and abundance are opening for me.

self love affirmations

I choose to be kind to myself.

I am worth loving.

I only speak kindly to myself.

I am deserving of being paid well for my work.

self love affirmations

I have enough. I do enough. I am enough.

I deserve love and compassion.

I am worthy of my desires.

I know who I am and I know my value.

self love affirmations

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Body Love Affirmations

I am more than my body.

I honor my body as a sacred temple.

I am in the process of loving my body.

I am noticing more health and beauty in my reflections

self love affirmations

I am beautiful and strong.

My body is a precious gift.

I am patient with my mind and body.

I am grateful for my healthy body.

I am happy to treat my body with respect.

self love affirmations

Every part of my body radiates beauty.

My body is capable of amazing things.

Tribe Affirmations

I inspire others.

I give and receive love freely.

I am a magnet for amazing friendships.

self love affirmations

I enjoy my own company.

Supportive people are called into my life.

I attract relationships that help me grow.

I deserve abundant love.

I attract wonderful people into my life.

self love affirmations

My happiness brings joy to others.

Deep Love Affirmations

I’m filled with gratitude for who I am.

I am willing to see my magnificence.

I love that I am REAL, rather than perfect.

self love affirmations

I love the person I am becoming.

I send light and love to every sell, every molecule, every atom of my being.

I am head-over-heels in LOVE with myself.

I trust myself and my feelings, completely.

I am choosing to be happy and completely love myself today.

self love affirmations

I am courageous and speak my truth.

I am limitless.

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What’s Your Favorite Self Love Affirmation?

Sure yours in the comment below. It may be the EXACT words someone else needs to hear today 🙂

Ready for a Self Love Makeover?

Take a leap of faith this summer and commit to yourself. When was the last time you did something only for YOU? How would it feel to make yourself a priority? It’s time to invest in yourself.

Picture this: You wake up each morning excited for the day, for the opportunities in your life. You see yourself in the mirror and glow with joy. A gratitude list pours out of you over your morning coffee or tea. You’re grinning, remembering the compliments you’ve been receiving from friends about your confidence.

You feel energized, self-assured, and fully supported.

What if I told you that you could be feeling that way within 8-weeks?!

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Keep shining bright,