Ready for a non-yoga workout? Today, I wanted to share my love for booty bands! (Also called mini bands.) These handy workout buddies have given me a fun new way to explore strength training while on the road. I’m thrilled to get you on board too. Today’s video is all about workout out the upper body (arms, back, and abs) with these easy-to-use mini bands.

Booty bands are flat resistance bands that are a smaller loop, usually about 12″ or so. They’re designed to do a number of glute workouts, hence the popular term “booty bands.”

Why I love Booty Bands

You all know that I will shout about how amazing yoga is from every rooftop I’m able to climb upon, but I also encourage you all to explore other forms of fitness. Yoga alone may not get you to the level of strength building or mobility that you’re looking for. I’m a big fan of weight lifting at the gym, but this has been another convenient alternative for me.

Booty bands are:

  • Travel friendly: They’re light-weight and small enough to fit in a tiny pouch. This means you can throw them in your carry-on for a trip or even toss them in your purse for a quick workout at the park. You can work out anywhere!
  • Inexpensive: You can buy a set on Amazon for about $15 USD.
  • They’re versatile: As much as they’re called “booty” bands, I’ve been able to work out my entire body with the bands. In today’s video, I’ll show you how to use them for an upper body workout.
  • All levels: They come in different “weights” which allow you to start light and work your way up. Even my super strong boyfriend can get a good workout by simply doubling the bands.
  • Constant Muscle Activation: Unlike free weights, resistance bands force you to activate the muscle through the entire movement as you fight the resistance. There’s also more range of movement in a way that is safe and controlled.

There are TONS of YouTube videos and Pinterest pins on how to workout with the bands. I find a lot of inspirational online and by experimenting with ways to translate my weight lifting favorites to the bands.

Booty Bands for Upper Body

In today’s video, I am going to walk you through twelve moves you can do at home to strengthen: biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, and abs. In addition to the booty bands, you may want to wear tennis shoes and/or gloves to avoid the pinching of the bands on your skin.

This is simply a tutorial of the moves. If you want to workout alongside the video, simply pause the video after each set is explained and complete them.

Changing Things Up

I find it important to keep the body guessing and allow new challenges. Do yoga, definitely! But I also encourage you to try other fitness classes, doing things outdoors like hiking or bike riding, dancing around your apartment, or even picking up some weights. The booty bands are another fun, inexpensive, and travel-friendly option you can add to your routine and change things up. So, why not?

If you enjoyed this video and would like to see more booty band workouts, comment and let me know what you’d like to try next. I have some killer leg workouts as well 🙂

Keep up the incredible work and enjoy the journey of trying new things.


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