It continues to amaze me the number of women who have similar stories upon entering motherhood. There’s the pressure of being the best mom, of getting back your “body back,” and feeling completely alone while doing it. Right? Today’s guest is working hard to change the way we are stepping into motherhood. Becca White is an amazing birthing coach who helps women embrace motherhood through the belief that pregnancy and motherhood can be used as a catalyst for stepping into your true essence.

I’m so honored to have met Becca at Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level II in Kripalu last October. She has a smile and presence that pulls you in, with that natural mothering essence that made me feel truly accepted. I’ve been excited to introduce you all to her work, as I know many of you are mothers who have had difficulties transitioning into motherhood. You will LOVE her story today.

Becca White is a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, Reiki Practitioner, and the creator of The Birth Affirmation Deck, who’s teaching an alternative method of childbirth education in an effort to positively impact the way women transform into mothers and navigate their way into motherhood. She’s also the co-creator of Spiritual Childbirth Education and The Purpose and Potential Coach.

Through the Spiritual Childbirth Education course and her coaching practice, she is able to partner with women to help them create a life that they are not only living, but actually participating in. She’s studied with the top educators in her industry including Gabrielle Bernstein, Selena Soo, and Andrea Lucchesi. Becca’s been featured on It Ain’t Pretty, Mrs. Motivation, and The Brava podcast, and now, she’s here at the Remote Yogi.

Interview with Becca White

In today’s interview, we are diving into Becca’s journey into her mission to help women embrace motherhood in a whole new way. We also gush about our work with Gabby Bernstein through the Spirit Junkie trainings.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the interview:

  • Speaking about Gabby & Spirit Junkie Masterclass: 00:00-19:00
  • Losing yourself in Motherhood 19:30
  • Your RIGHTS as a mother 26:30
  • Making progress in educating mothers 29:00
  • Embracing YOU after baby 35:00
  • Self-care as a mom 39:00
  • Birth affirmation deck 43:45
  • How to work with Becca 49:00
  • What is one thing you want all girls to KNOW 52:00

Take a listen and see if you relate to any of Becca’s story.



In the comments below, we would love to know, what was your biggest struggle through the birth of a child or a passion project?

Embracing Motherhood

Becca walked into motherhood having done everything right. She has the Pinterest worthy nursery, a booming career, a loving marriage, the home and all of the material things she needed. So, why did she feel so incomplete after the birth of her two children?

She felt torn, as most women do, to get back to the woman she was “before baby.” Our culture is obsessed with getting the body back, hoping back into career, and “doing it all” as a mother. However, Becca says that it doesn’t really work like that, and shouldn’t.

“You will change and your baby needs who is on the other side of this pregnancy.”

– Becca White

She speaks about owning who she has become as a mother, instead of desperately trying to get back to who she was before. Becoming a mother is a huge transition, it’s meant to change you. According to Becca, it can also catapult you into an even better version of yourself, ready to take on new dreams from a place of greater power and strength.

A New Way to Educate Moms

Becca and her partner have felt frustrated by the way the healthcare system in the US treats birth and educates women. Some of the big issues they discuss are:

  • Birthing education is starting too late (at 30 weeks, when it should start in the first term)
  • People don’t know their rights or alternatives as a mother.
  • Every birth is unique and individual and should be treated as such

“Whether you decide to have your baby in the woods or in a birthing center or in a hospital or in your house or in your car on the way to the hospital. I want you to know that you chose that, that you are supported in that.”

– Becca White

She co-created a Spiritual Birth Education class to teach women all they need to know about becoming a mother, which includes harnessing your pregnancy in a way that supports who you are. They teach you how to fight for your rights as a mother and create the birthing plan that fits your needs. There is also, of course, the spiritual component. What spiritual means for the birth education class: “The connection between you and your baby, as souls. It’s the connectedness between your, your baby, and whatever higher power you believe in.”

Self Care for Moms

Becca gets asked all the time how she “does it all.” She owned multiple businesses with two toddlers and manages to radiate high vibe energy to all her friends and clients. How does she do it?! She’s committed to her self care.

She also recommends slowing down and paying attention:

“Listen to your body. Your body is a vessel and it’s an indicator.”

Becca White

As a mom, there is the tendency to put the children first all the time. The problem with that is how draining it can be. Resentment for your children may build, as you become more desperate for peace and quiet and time for yourself. Becca reminds us that your children can feel that. Your baby will react to your emotional state, feeding off your energy and reflecting that back to you.

She says, rather than thinking about “happy wife, happy life,” we should really be thinking, “happy mom, happy kids.” Right? You get to be the best example to your children when they see that you value self care.

Affirmations for Moms

Becca is the creator of an amazing deck of affirmations for moms, called the Birth Affirmation Deck. She designed these cards as a way to support pregnant women through some of the emotions and insecurities experienced through pregnancy. The are stunning and full of inspiration!

Here’s an example of some of her amazing affirmations:

  • I’m always being guided.
  • As my baby grows, so do I.
  • My body was built for this beautiful birth.
  • My baby knows just what to do in these moments.

This deck is the perfect way to bring something unique to a baby shower or as a way of supporting your friends through pregnancy. Why not gift some positivity? Grab the Birth Affirmation Deck here.

Becoming a Spirit Junkie.

I love the way Becca stumbled upon Gabby Bernstein, only about a year ago. She was listening to YouTube videos one morning when the power and internet went out in her house. A video had buffered enough to continue playing on her computer despite the fact that the power had gone out. Guess who was speaking? Gabby, of course, talking about the importance of Spirit guides.

Like me, Becca was hooked by Gabby’s messaging of spiritual realness. She speaks about it in such a clear, easy to digest way. She was hooked to her work and immediately jumped into Gabby’s Spirit Junkie trainings that are also the foundation of my own coaching practice. Here’s how Becca breaks down the teachings:

  • Level I: This is an online training with Gabby and other amazing teachers she brings in, such as Jay Shetty and her book publicists. This is a deep dive into all you need to know about creating a business that reflects your personal values and spiritual beliefs. She breaks down marketing, creating products, using your voice, and protecting the energy of the space.
  • Level II: This is a week long in-person training with Gabby and a bunch of Spirit Junkie sisters. For both Becca and I, we were most impressed by how much

If you’re a business owner looking into how to better your online business in a spiritual, mindful way, Becca and I both highly recommend Spirit Junkie Masterclass. You can also listen to interviews with other Spirit Junkies: Angela, Kimberley, and Stacey.

Spirit Junkie Sisters

Working with Becca

Becca has so many incredible opportunities to connect and work with her. If you are interested in the Spiritual Child Birth Education class, visit the site for information on their next course and free resources. You can look further into Becca’s coaching at and find her online boutique at

Keep up with all the latest from Becca by following her on Instagram @thebeccawhite or on Facebook. Believe me, this woman is FIRE and you don’t want to miss out on the powerful work she is doing.

In the comments below, we would love to know: What part of Becca’s story connected with your own?

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