Our mind is a powerful thing, huh? Maybe it doesn’t feel like it when battling with anxiety or stress, but your mind is pretty impressive. When feeling anxious, it feels like your mind is completely out of your control. I’ve been there. However, I’ve found that by actively using these affirmations for stress and anxiety, I’ve been able to fix my relationship with my own mind.

Sound too good to be true? Again, I get it. Anxiety has been something that has been an active problem in my life and something I used to think was completely out of my control. I thought stress was my natural state of being.

I used to suffer from panic attacks that would leave me completely debilitated. I’d find myself shaking, pits sweating, and feel like the air became thick around me when facing anything that made me fearful – finances, meetings, shopping in a crowded store.


In fact, anxiety is still something that’s part of my daily life. I’ve come to understand her a lot better, know how to work with her, and know when to tell her, “enough is enough.” I’ve figured this out by connecting with my body, by getting out of my head and into my body. (Try this meditation to do the same.)

However, using affirmations for my stress has been a new thing. As much as I love affirmations, I never thought to use my own thoughts to battle the thoughts of the anxious diva that resides in my brain. It’s been working wonders! They’ve acted as clear reminders that I’m not flawed for being anxious, that I can handle it, and that this will pass.

Ready to try it?

How I Use Affirmations

I use affirmations every day in a variety of ways. For me, enjoying a variety of different practices makes it more fun and engaging, but I know others who need to keep their affirmation practice in a strict routine to make sure they are keeping up with it. Here are ways I use affirmations:

  • Repeating them out loud – I enjoy doing this in the shower, but it works even better when you can be looking at yourself in the mirror
  • Chant them in meditation – Often, in savasana or a simple meditation practice, I will pick a phrase I want to concentrate on and repeat it to myself over and over again. This not only helps keep my brain focused, but I start to feel the words becoming part of my normal thoughts.
  • Write them down – EVERYWHERE. I enjoy writing different affirmations in my daily planner or on post-its around my house or office. My favorite? Writing on my bathroom mirror with an Expo marker because it reminds me to read it to myself “face-to-face”.
  • Use an app – There are plenty of apps that will give you reminders on your phone. I use one for Android called My Affirmations.


I have looked up affirmations on Pinterest for certain mindsets I am looking to obtain. I listen to YouTube affirmation meditations for my needs – abundance mindset, love mindset, etc. Other times, I sit with myself for a bit and write out the words I am looking for. There is no right or wrong way to pick the right affirmations for you.

Affirmations for Stress & Anxiety

Today, I will not stress things I cannot control.

I forgive myself for feeling anxious.

I am strong and I can get through this.

I’m taking positive steps to reduce my anxiety.

I release any doubts and fears.

I am not alone in my struggles.

I am separate from the voice of anxiety and stress.

My challenges will bring me amazing opportunities.

With each long exhalation, I invite peace and calm.

I know what I am doing.

I have the ability to solve every problem I face.

Fear is only a feeling; it can’t hold me back.

Mistakes are simply lessons to be learned and I know I am doing my best.

I have the power to stop this. I can say “stop.”

My anxiety does not control me.

I can take things one step at a time.

This is temporary.

Everything I need comes into my life at the right time.

I forgive myself for having a bad day.

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I accept myself for who I am.

I am confident in myself and my abilities.

I am more than my anxiety.

I am not in any real danger.

I grow stronger each time I overcome anxiety.

When anxiety visits me, I can use my breathe to release it.

I believe in myself.

I am fierce, unafraid, and bold.

I am in control.

All I need is within me.

I have faith that everything will work out.

I choose to not take it personally.

Today, I will focus on progress, not perfection.

I only exist right now.

I have nothing to worry about.

I will focus on what makes me happy.

I am incredibly grateful for all my success.

I make good choices.

I release outdated beliefs, emotions, and thought patterns.

I am decisive in my actions, and I achieve success!

Rather than be afraid of what could go wrong, I am excited about what can go right.

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My past has no control over the fabulous future I create today.

I have the power to accomplish anything I need today.

Today, I will not stress over things that I can’t control.

I believe in my potential and not my past experiences.

I will breathe and I will think of solutions.

It is easy for me to make healthy decisions.

I’m open and receptive to positive change.

There’s a solution for all my problems.

What’s not good for me won’t work out for me.

Whatever I do today is enough and so am I.

I make mistakes. It proves that I’m still human.

Do you have a favorite?

Let me know in the comments below. It’s also fun to take wording from ma few different ones you like and mold it into your own affirmation. Share them below!

Remember, your mental illness does NOT define you. You’ve got this. You are wonderfully flawed, just like me.