How often do I rant and rave about how much yoga have changed my life? Probably on the daily, but I’m nearly boasting about Gabby Bernstein just as often. I find myself incredibly lucky to have stumbled upon her work exactly when I needed it – at the lowest point of my life. Her work picked me up off the floor (literally) and helped me pull my life back together. This is why I was thrilled to make today’s video on how Gabrielle Bernstein changed my life.

If you had a chance to read my post earlier this week on the tough lessons I learned from church on shame and judgement, you’ll know that I completely gave up on anything faith based for about a decade of my life. I had given up any hope that I could believe in something greater than myself – until I picked up Gabby’s book Spirit Junkie.

It was incredibly refreshing to be inspired by someone who talked about spirituality in such a down to earth way. She was relatable – had struggled with drug abuse and still found a way to rise above it. Her work was non-judgmental and dripping in love. I was hooked.

Jump forward a few years and I’m still finding ways to be inspired by her and the connections I’ve made through her work. I find myself incredibly blessed to have graduated from both her Spirit Junkie Master Class Levels I and II. In the second level, I was able to meet other amazing Spirit Junkies, some of my greatest friends to this day.

Catch interviews with fellow Spirit Junkies – Kimberley Wenya, Stacey Sexton, & Angela Tilger (and more coming soon).

I continue to be blown away and humbled by her teachings, so I can’t help but want to share her work with all of you!

How Gabby Bernstein Changed My Life

In this 15-minute video, I dive into four major lessons that made major shifts in my life. While her work have taught me dozens more, these are the four that made such major shifts in my life when I was first introduced to her work.

While you’re watching the video, think about the ways you could implement some of these lessons to make change in your own life.

Four Major Lessons

To quickly recap the big lessons in the video, let’s go through each one and how to start implementing them into your life.

Choose Love Over Fear

I loved this concept because it made everything simple for me. My goal is to operate from a place of love, which is also a place of gratitude, joy, kindness, compassion, etc. The problem is, we tend to live in a place of fear instead.

It is fear that holds us back from our goals. It’s fear that causes us to react in anger, judgement, and shame. Fear is what sparks anxiety and stress in our lives. More importantly, fear is what causes a lot of separation.

Gabby’s work allowed me to become more aware of my thoughts and acknowledge when I was thinking loving thoughts or fear-based thoughts. When I find myself down a path of fear, I return to this simple affirmation.

“I choose to see this differently. I choose love.”

– Gabby Bernstein

Forgiveness is Everything

Gabby teaches from the metaphysical text called A Course in Miracles which is a guidebook to living a miraculous life. This is the foundation of everything Gabby teaches and it’s main pathway to happiness is through forgiveness.

I learned that forgiveness is not about the other person, it’s about bringing peace to my own life. When we forgive someone else, we aren’t condoning their behavior and we don’t have to keep them in our lives. It’s about releasing the anger and allowing ourselves to be free.

Read my blog post on using Forgiveness for Healing here.

For me, it was easier to forgive others than it was to forgive myself. This took a lot longer, as I felt a lot of shame in the choices I had made growing up and in my marriage. I love this short video where Gabby talks about self forgiveness:

No One is Special

Whew! This one sounds kind of crazy, but trust me, it made major shifts in my life. Here’s the thing, we ALL make other people out to be special, whether it’s our parents, our significant others, celebrities, etc.

The biggest problem with the idea of special is that it create separations. It establishes the belief that people are better than or less than others. Which is actually bullshit.

Believing that my exes were cooler than me or more special caused me to cling to them. I put them on a pedestal and felt like I had to do whatever I could to keep them around.

We do this with celebrities too. Heck, I used to do this with Gabby! Check out the video to see my advice on this.

Relationships are Lessons

This is one of my favorite takeaways from Gabby’s work. As soon as I understood that all relationships are here to be lessons, it opened a new appreciation for every conversation I have, every stranger I meet, and every person who enters my life.

This was the most powerful lesson in helping me to step away from my marriage (watch the video), but it’s been useful everyday since. I no longer have as much fear about friendships coming to an end or the temporary relationships that pop up on this nomad lifestyle. I firmly believe that everyone I meet serves a purpose in my life and I treasure that.

Join me for miracles!

As I mentioned in the video, I’m launching a 6-week group coaching course that will take you through Gabby Bernstein’s NY Times Bestseller, May Cause Miracles. This is a 40-day guidebook that will help you create beautiful, radical changes by adding subtle shifts every day. In training with Gabby, she’s given me her permission to bring this course to you!

This will launch on April 28th and I only open it up a couple times per year. To get more information and sign up, click here!

I cannot wait to connect with you and bring Gabby into your life too! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Have you read any of Gabby’s work? What were your favorite lessons? Comment below!

So much love,