If you’re a modern girl looking to invite abundance into your life, today’s guest will help you get there. Kimberley Wenya is an incredible manifestation and spiritual mindset coach whose goal is to help girls co-create with the universe to create a reality that’s aligned with their wildest dreams. Whether you are looking to manifest the love of your life or a steady stream of cash flow, this episode is the one for you.

Kimberley is another amazing woman that I was lucky enough to meet at Gabby Berstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level II. We bonded a bit over a drive from Kripalu to NYC, chatting about our work and our passions. I was immediately intrigued. Kimberley has built an incredible, six-figure business coaching other women on manifestation and mindset while working her way through University. So impressive!

As we met at Spirit Junkie, I had to ask about her experience at the start of our conversation. Just like the interview with Stacey Sexton, Kimberley’s favorite part of attending the conference was just being able to witness the way our teacher, Gabby, moves the energy of the room. When asked about Gabby, she said:

“When you have an energetic presence that is so powerful, everything just goes to plan because you believe and have faith and everything is folding out as you desire it to.”

This quote from Kimberley is such a powerful one for us to remember. If we are looking to have an impact, to show love and light to others, we have to focus on our own energy. We have to fully believe in our own ability to create the reality of our dreams.

What is manifestation?

When you understand Universal Laws, such as the well known Law of Attraction, you begin to realize the power you have to create your own reality. Manifesting is the practice of bringing things into your life through the way you shape your mindset.

“My modern girl definition of manifestation is creation of your thoughts according to your point of attraction and your energy. It’s understanding that your life is the way it is because of you.”

This should be an empowering realization. It’s not to wallow upon, as in you’re to blame for the bad things in your life. Rather, it’s a reminder that you have the power to create change in your life, based upon the way you use your thoughts to your benefit.

Check out our Podcast style interview today:


In the interview, Kimberley has a great section on working through our money blocks and false beliefs. One of the biggest lessons she had to learn was how to be unapologetic for wanting money or wealth. This was a big block for me too and it’s definitely a good listen for anyone struggling there.

Tips for Manifesting Wealth

Kimberley gives us some simple steps we can take to change our mindsets and bring more manifestation into our lives.

  1. Evaluate your money blocks and false beliefs – “I am not worthy of money.”
  2. Switch your limiting beliefs into positive affirmations – “I am worthy and capable of making money.” (Grab some of my favorite abundance affirmations.)
  3. Evaluate how you feel when you spend money – Where’s your energy at? Do you feel guilty? Stressed? Change the energy when you spend.
  4. Find gratitude for whatever money you do have.

Finally, it’s important to come back to forgiveness. Through forgiveness, we can release the painful things others have said to us about the ability to earn or our worth. It’s also important to forgive yourself for not having known better in the past.

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If you are curious about her courses or membership, I cannot recommend her work enough. Her work has made such massive shifts in my own mindset and I am grateful to call her my coach.

I would love to know, what part of Kimberley’s interview was powerful to you? Please comment below.

Keep striving for the badass version of you. I’ve got your back and am cheering you on.

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