If you are looking for the perfect yoga poses to have you all relaxed for a good night’s sleep, today’s class is the one for you. This fifteen minute yoga sequence focuses on gentle restorative postures using the support of pillows and the softness of your bed.

As we focus on holding each pose, awareness is brought to the breath. Using the heavy exhales, we stimulate more of the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for decreasing blood pressure, calming the heart rate, and preparing the body for rest. I highly suggest allowing heavy sighs to flow out as you release the busy day you’ve had in preparation for sleep.

You may also notice that as you begin slowing down, the brain suddenly becomes stimulated. We are busy running all day long that it is only natural for your brain to light up when you stop all the crazy movement. “Oooh, finally you are slowing down long enough to listen to me! Let me start to play back through every unnecessary thought we’ve had all day long.” Sound familiar?

Just know, it is very common for the mind to awaken when we find ourselves in bed at night. Release any judgment or frustration that may occurs because of this. As I suggest in the video, simply imagine your thoughts as clouds. When you become aware of the thoughts, use heavy exhales and imagine blowing the clouds away, gently. There is no need to force the brain into submission, believe me; it won’t work.

Yoga Class for Bed

I recommend enjoying this video from your actual bed, ready to tuck in right afterwards or get cozy with a book. If you decide to practice this elsewhere, just make sure to have some pillows handy for the restorative postures.

If you are looking for more night time yoga practices, check out this printable PDF to help you get relaxed before bed.

Adding some mindful movement into your day does not need to take up a lot of time or be very complicated. Simply allowing a few minutes each night to place the legs up the wall can do a lot of magic in helping you to relax in the evening. If you only practice one thing each night, I would suggest legs up the wall:


This practice will help to calm the mind and get you prepared for rest. It also feels amazing on the lower back and helps to rejuvenate the legs.

What kind of yoga class are you looking for next? Comment below! I’m happy to create whatever you’re looking for.

Much love,

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