Let’s be real for a moment. Who hasn’t given an eye roll to the term self care or self love at least once in your life? Yep, me too. I used to think it was a bunch of crap. To me, it sounded like an excuse to act like a selfish jerk and perpetuate the narcissistic society that surrounds us. Boy, was I wrong though. In my own journey and while working with clients, I have seen the vital importance of self love and how necessary it is to well being.

So, why does it still get a bad rap? It doesn’t help that self care has now been used as a marketing tactic to sell us on over priced luxury goods and the excuse to go shopping. Right? There’s also a ton of misconceptions into what it actually means. Is self care all about bubble baths?

In today’s vlog, I called upon some amazing women and friends to share the myths they’ve heard about self love and self care. It’s time to debunk these babies!

Self Love Myths

Did any of these myths connect with things you’ve heard? Maybe, part of you still feels a bit apprehensive? Comment below and let us know what you think.

My Self Love Journey

If you feel uncomfortably shifty with the words “perfect” or “perfectionism,” you and I should grab a glass of strong wine and hash this out.

I allowed my obsessive path towards perfectionism wreak absolute havoc in my life. It led to massive panic attacks, drug and alcohol abuse, and built wedges in most of my relationships growing up. I spent years of my life sleeping less than five hours a day, determined to “do it all” and prove my worth to everyone around me.

This chaos chased me right into a marriage at a young age, where I was eager to prove myself as the perfect wife. I read all of the blogs on how to do it right. I was working full time while running three side hustles. I felt the need to overly workout and control my diet to stay fit. I developed OCD, needing to keep everything looking shiny and new.

This path seemed completely natural to me. That I would just keep working myself to death until everything magically fell into place, once I proved how worthy I was of everything I desired.

Until everything came crashing down around me.

I found myself betraying the “perfect life” I was trying to design and moved out of my ex-husband’s house.

Married and divorced by 24? Smooth move, Taryn. Great way to completely fail at life.

Self-criticism tried to take over, the typical pattern of a perfectionist. I used to be quite talented at it, thank you very much.

Taryn Johnson-20.jpg

But this time, something changed. I found myself wreaked, alone, and scared, but something new was stirring within me.

Something had shifted for me.

In leaving my crushing marriage, I found a new sense of confidence. It took a damn good amount of courage to go against my religious upbringing, live in a home all by myself (which everyone told me I couldn’t afford), and focus on myself, for once in my life.

Divorce allowed me to opportunity to live selfishly for a bit. I focused on doing what made me feel good, not what others expected from me. I invested in myself with workshops and new friendships and maybe, one too many nights enjoying a pizza and full bottle of wine in my bathtub.

When I left my marriage, I gained the most magical relationship I’ve ever experienced – the one I formed with myself.

Oh yes, things got lonely. In fact, years later, things still get lonely. And that’s actually okay.

I have learned to deeply respect who I am, to cherish the times I get to spend alone, exploring more about who I am and who I want to me. I’ve stepped into an authentic version of myself, one who is getting more and more fearless by the day.

I have to tell ya, my life is so much better for it.

self love myths

I worked up even more courage to sell all my belongings to begin traveling the world full time. My self-assurance led me to own my place as a badass boss babe and entrepreneur. It’s given me the confidence to seek out new friendships andmanifest my second favorite relationship, with my studly Brit boyfriend who treats me like gold.

THIS is what is possible when you start loving yourself, fully and completely.

Not that it is everyone’s dream to travel the world and launch a business.

It’s purely the knowing that you, my sweet friend, are worthy of it all!

The life you truly desire is calling you in.

Dive in to Self Love

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