Any other sunshine lovers out there that struggle with the winter months? Sure, it is great to cozy up near the fire with a steamy mug and a good book, but it can definitely get gloomy. We tend to spend less time out in nature and are busier than ever with added holiday obligations. Sometimes, you just need some goofy yoga to pull you out of the funk of winter.


It is pretty common to feel a bit more depressed in the winter months. In fact, researchers have claimed that some people suffer from what’s called seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which is a depressive state experienced in winter. We experience shorter days in the winter and less light to naturally wake us up and energize us.

With less light, there is less enthusiasm for activity in many people. We experience a modern version of winter hibernation, as usually active individuals my switch to spending hours on the couch watching endless hours of holiday films. We also tend to eat heavier, warmer comfort foods in the winter season. The lack of fresh produce can also make us heavy and sluggish.

What are some natural ways you can combat winter blues? Get outside and enjoy the sun as often as you can. I know it may be cold out, but bundle up and enjoy short walks when possible. Enjoy more fresh veggies and fruits. Go to the gym, enjoy winter sports, or, hey, maybe try some more active yoga? The extra movement can help pull you out of a funk.


Time for some goofy yoga!

For today’s class, I challenge you to keep an open mind. It’s been designed to be a bit odd, to get you out of your head and into the body. This class encourages you to explore fluidity in the body, rather than the traditional stiff movement of a common yoga practice. The arms sway, the hips roll, and, I hope, grins spread across the face, as we play with new movements.

What’s even better? You can take some of the moves you enjoy the most and add them into your regular practice. Who cares if you look goofy? If these moves help you to release your overthinking brain and, instead, enjoy some playfulness, then you can’t help but be in a better mood.

As with all my classes, I encourage you not to take yourself too seriously. That may work for some yoga practices. In fact, that may be the style of yoga you enjoy best, and there is no judgement here! But when we are trying to enhance our mood, we have to allow yoga to be fun. We allow yoga, and ourselves, to be light-hearted.

Yoga for a Better Mood

Keep an open mind and have fun!

Goofy Flow Yoga (28 minutes) from The Remote Yogi – Taryn Raine on Vimeo.

I hope you enjoy a little goofiness, and maybe a little laughter, with today’s class. Remember that while there are a lot of external circumstances that affect our moods, we are ultimately responsible for making the decision to take action, to make change.

I believe in your ability to pull yourself out of any funk your in, winter blues or not.

I would love to know, what do you do to get yourself out of a funk? Comment below and share your ideas with others 🙂

The light in me honors the light and beauty in you!