It’s that time of year again… When we start you question all of your decisions! Okay, that’s dramatic. I really just meant the “what gift to buy” decision. I know there are certain people who challenge your gift buying confidence every year. Sure, there are some people who I find so easy to shop for. Others, I struggle to find the perfect gift for annually.

While I can’t help you figure to out what to get your dad for the holidays (as that seems to be my struggle every year), I can help you with a list of awesome gifts for the spiritual people in your life. Whether they are new to their spiritual journey or have been at it for a long time, all the gifts listed below are great for any level of spirituality. Plus, they’re ALL items that one can never have too many of, so you don’t have to worry about whether the person already has one.

Believe me, we could always use more so these gifts below. I also provided a wide range of price points, so there really is something for everyone. Everything from small stocking stuffers to large present “from Santa,” this list has you covered.

Crystals and Gemstones

Crystals are one of my favorite things to gift people because you can get some that are very small, making them easier ship. You can find them a number different price points, too! Whether you’re looking to get a large chunk of amethyst or a small piece of quartz, there’s something for everyone. You can also find plenty of gemstones out are beautifully placed in rings or necklaces. This may be perfect for someone who is still new to spiritual items, because they can simply use it as jewelry.

This Crystals Gift Set & Meditation Kit is perfect for someone who is new to gemstones!

Mala Beads

Mala beads are similar to gem stones in the fact that you can find a variety of prices. They’re great gifts are people who are looking to meditate more and enjoy jewelry. Mala beads are used as a meditation. There are 108 beads on each mala and one can practice meditating by taking one breath per bead. It makes a nice, long meditation. Plus, they look great! You can get inexpensive bead malas or wooden ones or pricier malas made of gemstones. So many  great options!

Essential Oils

That’s oils are another great gift that really vary in price. They’re also easy to find! You can find them at stores, such as Sprouts or any kind of  natural food store. Alternatively,  you could talk to local sellers of companies, like DoTerra and Young Living, and help support an entrepreneur.  If you’re looking for a gift to go with the oils,  a great option is to get a diffuser, so they can enjoy the fragrance in their house. You can get a portable car diffuser too. They’re wonderful for loved ones who have long commutes.

For questions on what essential oils may be best, reach out to my dear friend, Stacey Sexton at Half Healthy Mom. She has amazing advice and can help hook you up with the perfect gift set.

Smudge Sticks

Smudge sticks are a really inexpensive gift that you can throw in a stocking or add to any kit. You can find sticks, such as sage or palo santo, at places like Whole Foods. Smudging sticks are tools that people use to clear negative energy and they smell great! They’re always an awesome tool to have around for anyone who’s on the spiritual quest.

Meditation Pillows

Meditation pillows are a great gift and something that I think few meditation practitioners actually have! Try finding a beautifully decorated meditation pillow, or maybe one that’s more supported with a back rest. These are great options for somebody who is trying to get into meditation. You can help them to create a nice space for themselves in their home and encourage them to practice more often. Bonus gift: You can also buy meditation books or albums that people can listen to. That way, they can enjoy a guided practice when needed.

Singing Bowls

Singing bowls are a great option for those of your spiritual friends who are into music. Metal bowls are more traditional in the east and can sometimes be less pricey. Crystal bowls are going to be a more expensive option, but they offer a beautiful music for sound healing. They come in all shapes and sizes and would be a really nice gift for somebody who is into chanting. You can find these on Amazon or your local a New Age shop.

Oracle or Tarot Cards

Spiritual cards again come in a wide variety of options! For somebody who is deeper in to their spiritual journey, it may be fun to get them a more traditional tarot deck.  However, if your friend is new or just starting yoga and meditation, getting them a deck of Oracle cards would be an awesome idea! Some decks simply offer positive quotes and simple advice. Some of my favorite Oracle cards are Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein’s Work Your Light cards. These are beautifully illustrated cards that just offer some sound advice everyday.

A Journal

For anyone on a personal development journey, having a nice journal can help to set the practice of writing things out. This is not just a spiritual gift! It is great for anyone who is trying to better themselves. Journals offer the opportunity for us to reflect and voice out what is going on in our minds. I would really suggest a pretty journal for those you know to be struggling with a lot of stress or anxiety.

Of course, you can always grab gift cards to amazing stores, like Hay House. You can get a gift card for a local healing massage or sound healing practice. Or hey, you can grab them an online yoga membership 🙂

As long as you purchase the gift with love and kind intentions, you cannot go wrong! I hope you have a ton of fun shopping. Gift giving is probably my favorite part of the holiday season.

Hey spiritual friends, what’s on your gift list? Comment below!

Happy holidays,