How would you like to close your eyes, really envision the life of your dreams, and have that become your reality when you open them? That is the goal behind a vision board! While it may not be that simple,  a vision board is a powerful tool to help you plot out and work towards bringing your desires to life.

To put simply, a vision board is merely a collection of photos and graphics that are collaged together in any format. They can be pinned to a bulletin board, beautifully scrapbooked onto a poster board, or even created digitally. These images represent the life you want to lead.

Why do vision boards work?

To understand how vision boards work, it’s important to understand some simple definitions and beliefs behind them:

Law of Attraction – Have you seen, read, or heard of The Secret? It’s what really made the Law of Attraction such a trendy thing in the last decade. This is a spiritual law which says that we create our own reality through our thought. Whether positive or negative, what we spend time focusing on, we will naturally attract into our lives. This involves material items, people, opportunities, emotions, etc.

Manifestation – This is the law of attraction in action. It is the ability to create the world around you, your own version of reality.

Visualization – This is the ability to mentally see our desired outcome, either through images in front of us or in our head. It is sort of like watching a movie of your life’s dreams within your head in a conscious way. You picture steps you take to get there, visual the dream coming true, and how you feel through the experience.

When you visualize your desired outcome, you are focusing on it, which in turn, creates and manifests your reality. Get it? This is super powerful stuff, but relatively simple to do and understand.

The vision board acts as a reminder to stop and focus on the desires you had placed on it. It can act as a visualization itself, or reminds you to close your eyes and focus on each picture coming true.

vision board

Creating a Powerful Vision Board

To ensure that your vision board actually works, you need to get clear on what it is that you actually want. This way, you will be working towards the life you truly desire, not the one that simply looks pretty on a picture board.

When chatting with one of my dear friends, Kelsey Marie, about manifesting, she said, “I love vision board because you can get really clear on exactly what you want. The universe is like a restaurant – first you have to be clear on your order to get what you want. Then you have to ask! Then, of course, offer gratitude. Vision boards help you to clearly see what it is you are wanting and desiring in your life. However, I have learned that you can’t just create a board. You have to put certain aspects into action. I like to plan out my board and then journal to my soul, asking what my next actions need to be. Have the board where you can see it and check in with yourself.”

I 100% agree with this! In fact, this is why I was so excited to host workshops on creating vision boards. While having any form of vision board is great, the most powerful boards are created when we can get clear on our actual goals. How we make it does not matter so much. What is important? The thought behind it and the energy brought to the table.

My Vision Boards:

As I mentioned in the video, I have created a free PDF that walks you through the basics of my vision board process and how to make one at home.

vision board

^ My current vision board on my phone

I wish you all the fun in creating a vision board and I am here to help with anything you need!

Comment below if you have any questions.

Much love,