Last week, I had the great pleasure of connecting with one of my dear friends, Helen Edwards. Helen is not only one of our amazing guest teachers on the Remote Yogi Tribe, but she is also a talented author, traveling yogi, and a philanthropist with a huge heart. We met while training ti become But Yoga teachers and became quick friends because of our free spirit.

Helen’s brand, Sexy Freedom, is all about releasing societies expectations of what it means to be a “perfect woman” and instead, finding the empowerment to be whoever the hell you want to be. Her book, Nothing Sexier than Freedom, shares her story of triumphing through the hardships of being raised in poverty, going through a young divorce, and feeling like a failing mother. She didn’t let anything defeat her, but rather rose above, leading other women to walk with her.


Truly inspiring! Check out more of Helen’s story on the interview I did with her.

On her podcast, we chatted about what led me into yoga and beginning the tribe. Helen is very curious about my travels and I share tips on how to make travel a reality for you. We also discuss some of the challenging I had with culture shock when returning home, my solo month, and my message for others dealing with mental illness.

Check out Episode 14:

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