If you are into travel, chances are you’ve had to experience the debilitating realization that you can only fit so much in a suitcase when you’re about to leave for a vacation. The tough call between what stays and what goes is not a very easy one. I’ve been traveling the world for over a year now and I’ve quickly learned that there are certain things that definitely need to be packed if you are a spiritualist, like me, or a naturalist or a yogi or somebody who just tends to be a little bit more witchy… This is a your must-have travel list!

I have been critiquing what I pack for every trip over the last year or so, because you never want to carry more than you need. However, when you do end up needing something, you want to make sure you have a way to get it! If you’re traveling out of the country, sometimes it’s hard to come across some of the items that you might have in your every day “spiritual tool kit” at home. I want to make sure that you don’t forget any of these necessary (in my opinion) items to keep you in good energy throughout your trip or vacation.

1. Essential oils

Essential oils are one of the big fads right now, but more importantly, they’re actually effective. Whether you are looking to treat minor ailments or simply want a natural option for the fragrance of your choice, I believe essential oils are one of the best things to carry with you. The best thing about carrying essential oils is their size. Oil bottles are relatively small and can be placed in your carry-on as a nice option to freshen up.

Essential oils can be used to help with plenty more than fragrance alone. My dear friend, Chelsea Smith, is an essential oil genius and gave me a list of the best EO’s for travel:

  • Lavender: Lavender is known for it’s relaxation properties, and is excellent to help support a good night’s rest, relieve insomnia, lower stress, and relax the mind and body. Lavender is excellent as an insect repellent, and covers a myriad of skin irritations. Add a couple drops to warm bath water to soak away the day, also massage onto your feet and neck before bed.
  • Frankincense: Frankincense is extremely mild, and excellent to use for immune support, mood, & clarity. Frankincense is wonderful for skin issues as well, it helps relieve dry skin, alleviates stress, inflammation, fatigue, & headaches. I love to apply a drop or two to the bottom of my feet every morning, especially when I am travelling, to offer full-body support and wellness.
  • Melaleuca: Melaleuca -also known as Tea Tree is an anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal powerhouse. Tea Tree is excellent as an insect repellant and to soothe itchy insect bites, sores, sunburns, scratches, bumps, and cuts. Melaleuca is also amazing to use for any ear discomfort when flying- apply around the outside of the ear and then down the jawline and neck to help relieve ear pressure.
  • Peppermint: Peppermint is an easy way to boost energy and mental clarity when travelling! This oil is great to aid in respiratory and digestive issues as well as tension & headaches. I love to apply a couple drops to my tummy before flying or driving to help with any tummy issues that may arise.
  • On Guard: On Guard is a powerhouse blend of immune-boosting essential oils. Excellent to use as a hand sanitizer while travelling, it will also boost the immune system while killing harmful bacteria and germs. I love to apply this oil to the bottom of my feet and also my spine when travelling to help boost my immune system.
  • Lemon: Lemon is a must when travelling- cleansing, detoxifying, purifying and uplifting- use this oil to help purify the air in your hotel room with a couple drops in the shower or sink. Apply to the bottom of your feet to aid in detox and to cleanse.

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Chelsea recommends bringing a carrier oil (coconut, almond, etc.) to dilute your essential oils as needed, especially in the event of skin sensitivity. Interested in oils? Reach out to Chelsea Smith by email or check out her doterra page to order some goodies!

Essential oils I always carry with me include: tea tree, lavender, and peppermint. Others that I really enjoyed a have on-hand include: orange, lemon, and patchouli.

2. Smudge Sticks

If you are staying in somebody else’s space – whether that be an Airbnb, a hotel room, or even a family’s guesthouse – you always wanna make ensure that you are able to clear the energy of the space. I always carry a small smudge kit with me that has a small thing of sage and a stick of Palo Santo. Therefore, no matter where I go, I can quickly light-up my smudge sticks and do some energy cleansing. That way, I feel a little bit more settled in.

There something nice about fragrance that feels cozy. I tend to use smudge sticks a lot at home. Just the scent of it always allows me feel a little bit more at peace in my environment. Plus, I like knowing that I am actively cleansing out other people’s energy that was in the space before I was there.

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Here is a simple smudging prayer:

Into this smoke I release
All energies that do not serve;
All negativity that surrounds;
And all fears that limit.

3. Yoga Mat

Of course, as a yoga instructor, I’m going to tell you to carry your yoga mat! There are ton of great uses for it! I have had friends borrow my yoga mat to sleep on at the airport. I’ve thrown down my yoga mat in the middle buses to get some my yoga stretching down on long bus rides in Asia. I have done random fitness exercise is in my hotel room. Whether you’re leaving on a trip for a few days or a few months, having an easy way to do fitness on-the-go is important. It’s not always easy to get into a gym. You might not be able to hit the trails if if the weather is bad.

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On a cruise in Ha Long Bay

The biggest benefit of carrying a mat is that you can pretty much do work anywhere! Whether you’re doing pilates, yoga, buti, or body weight training, it doesn’t really matter! Simply enjoy carrying your map with you!

I’ve carried my yoga mat with me via a sling on my shoulder throughout the whole world. I have never been bother by security or had any issues carrying it on. However, I know a ton of friends who prefer to carry foldable mats that they can put in their carry-on or store in their suitcase. I have an entire article dedicated to how to travel with a yoga mat with all kinds of suggestions. Whichever travel method and whatever yoga mat you prefer, just make sure you bring it with you. That way, you can always stop-drop-and-yoga anywhere in the world.

4. Crystals & Gems

Similar to smudge sticks, I like to carry crystals with me so I have something to carry that has my energy attached to it. They can also help cleanse the energy of the space I stay. I always travel with a mini kit that has small size crystals. This allows me to not worry about a lot of heavy weight in my suitcase. I just have this small pouch that carries my crystals which I toss in my carry-on. (I wrap them up in a dry cleaning bag to protect some of the delicate stones.)

My mini kit is special to me. If I’m ever needing anything, whether it be Jasper for some courage or quartz to cleanse my energy, I have a bunch of gems on-hand that I can grab. Additionally, I do have ways of wearing the crystals on me. I have different cages that I can put the crystal of my choice and wear day. I also have some jewelry that I can wear daily, whether it be my larimar for feminine energy or my quartz.

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Here is a quick list of some of the crystals I enjoy for every day use while I’m traveling and what they’re useful for:

  • Clear Quartz: Known as the master healer, quartz is the best stone for cleansing, but is also one of the best to held energy for you.
  • Hermatite: I carry four stones with me to place in the four corners of the rooms I stay in. This helps protect the space.
  • Rose Quartz: This is the mother crystal and is largely associated with love energy. It helps you find compassion and empathy.
  • Smoky Quartz: I carry this stone to keep me grounded and less up-in-the clouds. It also clears bad energy.
  • Amethyst: This stone helps connect you with spirit and wisdom.
  • Citrine: This is a powerful stone for confidence and prosperity.

Of course, I carry about 30 mini stones, but these are some great ones to get started with.

5. Headphones

Yup, not what you would think of when I said a list of must-have spiritual items. However, I find headphones to be an absolute necessity! Here’s why – have you ever tried to meditate in a busy, crowded airport without have headphones? Good luck, my friend. You must be a world-class sage if you can sit there and not be bothered by everyone’s noise and screaming children around you.

Head phones have been my saving grace to find some quiet me-time. They keep me focused on my work when in a noisy restaurant. It’s the perfect way to escape a smelly bus station by listening to a good audio book. It’s the best thing to have when I’m just trying to get my meditation on, anywhere in the world.

I can honestly tell you investing in some high quality headphones will be well worth it and it will keep you more in line with your spiritual needs on the go.

spiritualist travel must-have

Bonus item

Another bonus item, if you have the space for it! I love carrying at least one deck of tarot cards or an inspirational deck with me. It’s nice to have a daily reminder to pull from, whether you’re using actual tarot cards you’re just getting inspiration from Gabrielle Bernstein’s pack . I absolutely love having access to daily inspiration with me wherever I am. It’s been a fun way for me to connect with other people who see that I’m drawing cards at random coffee shops; it’s a great conversation starter. So if you’ve got space, throw in a deck of tarot cards!

Now of course, there are a lot of items we could have talked about that I think are must-have travel items, including packing cubes and a luggage scale. All these great things but there are a ton of great articles on how to pack for a trip. This is a special list on how to pack if you wanna make sure that you’re staying in alignment with your energy on-the-go and if you’re a little bit more woo-woo, like me.

I’d love to get your insight on travel items that you must have on-the-go, whether they be spirit-related or a just necessary items. Let me know in the comments below!

I’m off to Thailand again in a couple weeks! I would love to hear from you on any of your favorite spots in Thailand as well, so hit me back in the comments. You can also send me an email -taryn@theremoteyogi.com and I love to chat with you.

The light within me honors that within each one of you. Thank you so much for continuing to come back to my site. I love you so much! You rock!


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