I am thrilled to introduce you to my soul sister, Kelsey Lawrence. Kelsey and I met in yoga teacher training in Arizona, where we both went through a major transformation. We have been bonding over the painful journey of divorce, owning our healing journey, and learning to appreciate our femininity. Her interview is going to inspire you to start or continue your healing journey.

She is also our latest guest teacher on the Remote Yogi Tribe membership. Her latest class with sound healing will be added the the portal this week!


Her Yoga Journey

For those who have been through yoga teacher training, or just a long time practice, you can appreciate Kelsey’s journey. She loved yoga for helping her connect with her body in a healthy way, but teacher training took her to the next level.

“It led me down a really nice healing path.. just fully awakened. And with awakening comes great joy and happiness, but also a lot of pain.”

The pain was learning how to reflect on life choices and situations that possibly need to change. It was in training that both of us realized the true nature of our marriages and that our lives needed to change.

Healing with Mantras

What helped Kelsey face her fears? Mantras. She knew the importance of rewriting the outdated script in her head and started out with one simple mantra:

“I am worthy enough to speak my truth.”

She repeated this mantra for an entire year before truly feeling and embracing that. I loved this part of her story because it is a good reminder that mantras and affirmations don’t make change every night. It reshapes the brain overtime, sometimes a long time.

Kelsey also suggests using the phrase “I am in the process of ” before your mantras. For example, if you are trying to love yourself and don’t truly feel that yet, simply say, “I am in the process of loving myself.” This will feel less resistant in your body and you can actually say the words with conviction.


Working Through False Beliefs

Kelsey’s biggest false belief she overcame was the idea that she was not enough. Growing up with an alcoholic father and later suffering from eating disorders, she did not value who she was. She had a hard time accepting her own body.

“Yoga has really, really helped me in that, to separate the body and the soul. My soul is not my body. My soul is in my body. So the way that my body looks is more of how I feel internally, instead of externally.”

She shares her struggle with body dysmorphia and how her internal battles projected themselves in a false way. Kelsey sought out treatment for the eating disorder, but it took her years to fully understand the mind/body connection. This is why she really encourages matching yoga movement with the breath. For example, lifting the arm on the inhale, pressing into the lunge on the exhale, etc.

“It’s a very powerful transformation, when you can start to do that, that’s when things will start to shift.”

On Appreciating the Feminine

We both agree that a big part of our healing in the past year or so has been learning to appreciate the feminine side of things. Living in a society that applauds masculinity – drive, workaholism, power – it can be hard to appreciate the softer nature of the female or yin side of our nature.


Kelsey found a lot of support in the book Rise Sister Rise by Rebecca Campbell (I’m reading it now). She’s dedicated the last year to following the moon phases, slowing down, and connecting with her softer nature.

“If you are looking to start somewhere, I invite you to start working with the phases of the moon.”

If you’re interested in the moon phases, we also suggest the book Lunar Abundance by Ezzie Spencer will not only help you follow the moon, but it gives practical tips for balancing your live in the yin and yang.

Interview with Kelsey Marie

Looking to connect with Kelsey? You can find her on Instagram @mindful_monarch or shoot her an email with any specific questions you might have. If you are in the Phoenix area, I would definitely suggest meeting up with this beauty for some sound healing magic.

One last thing – this is my favorite quote for other teachers or leaders. This is one to stick on your wall and remember!

“Your voice, you projecting out what you need to teach is going to hit so many different people. The people it doesn’t hit, they weren’t meant for it. And that’s fine!”

This is a reminder from Kelsey and me to own your voice, as no one else can teach your practice as authentically as you can. That’s what will attract the right clients, students, partners, or whatever you’re looking for into your life.

Were you inspired by anything in this interview? Or do you have any questions? Comment below! We would love to keep this conversation going 🙂


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