Holy cow! The end of week three! This means we are halfway through our road trip. When traveling as much as we do, the concept of time seems really odd. It seems like ages ago that we were in Arizona, trekking through canyons. At the same time, it has all sped by us so quickly and I’m a bit shocked to be at the halfway point. This past week, we spent exploring Northern California and parts of Oregon.

If you read my blog post last week, you would know we had started off in Vegas and made our way through parts of Southern California and info San Francisco. That week was absolutely packed with visiting friends and family along the road. The week prior, we completely overloaded ourselves with adventures in Northern Arizona, Utah, and Nevada.

This is pretty much us ^

This past week, we found a bit more balance of work, adventure, and some solid alone time. We have been spending more time reflecting, listening to personal development books in the car, and having challenging conversations. The amount of mind-blowing nature this week also helped spark some inspiration for growth and new beginnings.

All-in-all, it has been a great time. We have found a way to laugh at how things never go according to plan. We are enjoying each day for exactly what it is.

Let’s dive in:

Day 15 – Yosemite

We woke up enjoying the coziness of my sister’s hotel room in Modesto and worked from the hotel until check out. Needing to get much more work done, we headed over to a freaking adorable coffee shop called the Queen Bee Coffee House. It had a giant outdoor patio that made me a happy working bee.

Venturing onwards, we made off for the Sequoia Trees in the Mariposa Groves, just south of Yosemite. Sequoias are the world’s largest tree and are absolutely massive! To give you some perspective, check out this photo of me trying to hug one of the trees.

Walking around through the trees was magical. I get this amazing, glowing feeling when wandering around in nature that blows my mind. I hope this feeling never fades away.

After our short hike, we drove through some of Yosemite, looking up at the amazing cliffs and our mouths continued to drop, in awe. Around every corner, new valleys, stunning rivers, and colorful rocks fill us with joy. National Parks are worth their reputations.

We found one of the free, dispersed campsites to stay at, just on the edge of the park. It was along a river, hidden among the trees, and flooded with mosquitoes. Gotta continue to appreciate the good.

A huge shout out to Connor for his support this night. If you have been following my social media posts lately, I have been addressing my issues I have been having with anxiety. I had asked Connor to sit down with me this night and really shift through all my mental garbage that was making me panic so much. We talked through a lot of stuff, I shed some good tears, and he helped me create a game plan to work through the mess.

West US Road trip

You guys, I am seriously blessed to be surrounded by such badass people.

Day 16 – Groveland and Clearlake

Poor Connor. I had to convince him to roll out of bed and pack up camp pretty early in the morning. I had a call at 7:45 am and we needed to be loaded and to a coffee shop before then. I’m lucky he puts up with me.

The coffee shop we enjoyed for the morning was magical, again! It’s called Mountain Sage. I have to pat myself on the back a sec for finding the coolest coffee shops. This one had a giant garden in the backyard, the perfect place for my journal and meditation session.

West US Road Trip Califronia

As per usual, our plans for the day go astray. We were hoping to head back into Yosemite for another hike and better exploration. Exhaustion continues to win over adventuring.

We ended up spending most of the day driving, making our way further North towards Crescent City.

Connor tried Taco Bell for the first time. His opinion, “It’s fine… that is all.” The lack of enthusiasm astounds me.

We made it to a cute town on a lake, called Clearlake. We had a free campsite figure out for the night and were happy to get up there early and relax. Little did we know, it was up a crazy dirt road on a mountain, full of potholes. I was missing owning a truck.

West US Road trip California

We forgot to take photos… This photo is from VisitCalifornia.com

Setting up camp went smoothly again. I worked a bit on the blog while Connor laid in his hammock and watched his weird TV shows. Casual night.

Day 17 – Crescent City

Wanna know how to get our butts moving early in the morning? Hit us with a loud thunderstorm and the knowledge that we are on top of a mountain with roads that will not be very cooperative once wet. Yeah… we got moving quickly. The first rain drop hit the windshield as soon as we made it to the bottom of the mountain. Relief.

We grabbed some local coffee and headed towards Crescent City, a coastal city on the edge of the California/Oregon border and next to the amazing red woods in Jedediah Smith National Park.

On the way, we stopped at this adorable old inn, Benbow Historic Inn, to get some work done. It was fun to feel a little boujie. It had all the dark wood and cute gardens that I love. Plus, I got to work on a puzzle on our way out. I was a happy girl.

West US Road trip California

We decided to drive through the Avenue of Giants on our way up. Holy. Freaking. Cow. These trees are unbelievable. We kept laughing at how tall they were. If you haven’t taken a trip to the red woods in California yet, do it. It feels completely unreal!

We get up into Crescent City and find a cheap hotel to stay in for the night. I get in a little Buti Yoga practice and Connor have figured out how to do some “weight lifting” with his suitcase. Grateful for showers, we wash up and finish off the night at SeaQuake Brewery, happy to be back in a part of the country that believes in sour beers.

Day 18 – Jedediah Smith National Park

Saturday morning, I woke up ready for some good work before we spent the day adventuring. In all honesty, I ended up just fake working for a couple hours, distracting myself with what I convinced myself was important (social media)…

Anyway, we head into the red woods outside Crescent City, looking around for some of the free campsites I spotted. Turns out, they were all a bit crappy, so we settled for some paid camping that was about a miles walk from the woods.

We set up home base and packed our backpacks for an afternoon of exploring the woods. The walk up hill was absolutely worth the adventurous day we had. Connor and I walked up fallen trees, frolicked through giant ferns, and made friends with the elephant shaped tree stump I found.

I also spent a good amount of time really reflecting on some of my personal battles I have been having recently with anxiety and some harsh self-talk. The time in nature allows for some solid reflections.

We headed back to camp around the time the sun was going down. The stars were begging to be stared at, so we happily obliged. Magical day complete.

Day 19 – Crater Lake

Another lazy morning spoiled by the sound of rain storms coming in. We have yet to test out how well our tent does against rain and we aren’t really looking forward to dealing with the mess of a wet tent. We quickly pack up, racing the rain, and lost… Oh well, onward to Oregon!

I start confidently driving without looking at the map, only to quickly realized that we are definitely going to wrong way into Oregon. Whoops! A quick u-turn and we are on our way towards Crater Lake.

Connor and I had an honestly “meh” lunch at the lodge at Crater Lake. We were excited to set up the hammock with a good view and do some napping and relaxing. Unfortunately, the rain ruined our fun yet again. We ended up just driving around the entire lake, stopping at a couple lookouts, and calling it a job well done.

The rain had us avoiding the idea of camping again that night. We made our way towards the biggest city nearby, Medford. Another cheap motel and a night of television. Two episodes of Queer Eye made me very pleased with our day.

Day 20 – Oregon Coast

As per any Monday morning, I woke up at a decent hour, made some crappy hotel coffee, and got to work from my bed. The joys of digital nomad life are real. Eventually, we must check out and stop working in our underwear.

Limestone Coffee offered a great location to spend most of the day on our laptops. As much adventure as we enjoy having, I still work full-time and run a business. Connor is also plugging away on new business adventures. Therefore, there are days on our trip that seem to be a bit more boring. It’s part of the balance of our lifestyle.

west US road trip Oregon

Heading out of town, Connor really wants to stop by Wendy’s (continuing his journey of American fast-food). Our poor car… he ended up spilling a bit of vanilla frosty and baconator fries all over the passenger side door. It still smells of rotten cheddar… Opps!

The drives each day are anywhere from one to four hours, which sounds awful. However, we are loving it! The countryside we have been driving through is so stunning. The journey continues to be half the fun.

We get into a small town on the coast called Reedsport, ready for an evening of more work. We grabbed some hummus and veggies for my favorite lazy dinner. Then, we ended up hardly working because most of the town’s internet was down… I’m learning to be flexible with how I anticipate my days turning out.

Day 21 – More Oregon Coast

This was the first hotel we stayed in that did not provide any type of coffee maker or a way to warm water. I sneak out of bed before Connor and head off to grab us some coffee from a local drive through. I thought I would be all clever about waking him up with a warm cup of coffee on his nightstand. Instead, I locked myself out of his room and he awoke to me banging on the door. It’s the thought that counts, right?

I had some early morning video calls before we headed up the coast. What an amazing drive! The views of ocean, cliff, and forest in Oregon are incredible.

We made it to the lovely town of Newport. Why not make a brewery our office for the remainder of the day? We enjoyed some flights of Rogue beer at their big brewery and distillery on the water. It was a bit noisy, but was a pleasant place to finish out our work day. Plus, the food was delicious.

west US road trip Rogue beer

Excited to walk along the ocean, no matter how cold it was, we made our way to Beverly beach. It reminded Connor of Cornwall, with the misty gray skies and the frigid waters. We relaxed for a short time before heading off to find a place to pitch our tent.

We ended up giving up hopes of finding an unpaid campsite around the area. Instead, we found an RV and tent campsite along a river just south of Lincoln City. We aren’t so much against paying for campsites, we are more against having neighbors. We like the privacy of a secluded mountain top. It was a nice enough site, but we fell asleep to the blissful noises of teenagers getting drunk. #adventure

west US road trip Oregon

It’s been such a crazy week of growth. The adventures have been amazing, but the hard look at how much I was letting anxiety effect my life was the greater experience. Travel does indeed help you grow as a person, but I think it is equally important to have people in your life who promote your growth journey.

Find your people, your tribe. You are freaking worthy of having people in your life who encourage you to be your best self. You deserve to have people you can turn to with your demons, without judgment; who will hold you through the hard work of becoming new.

If you don’t have these people in your life, reach out to me. I would love to be your person. Email me anytime at Taryn@theremoteyogi.com.

Questions about our trip? Comment below and we would be happy to answer! Next week, we are in Seattle. Any suggestions?

Lots of love,