“I’m figuring out who I am as a person, on my own.” – Julia Hy

I have the greatest pleasure in introducing you to one of my new students and friend, Julia Hy. I love Julia’s story because she knows the deep trenches of mental illness, but has decided that her symptoms no longer define WHO she is. We had the pleasure of meeting when she took a brave step to reach out to me via email after reading my depression story about my dark mark tattoo. I was eager to hear more of her story and how she uses unconventional treatments to deal with mental illness, including tarot reading, yoga, and a deep love for Harry Potter.

bipolar tarot yoga

One of the most memorable parts of Julia’s interview is when she described her version of bipolar. There is a new understanding that mental illness is always on a spectrum and people have their own definitions, variations, combinations, etc. When describing her personal battle with bipolar, she said:

“It means my head can just get crazy crowded and I can’t separate my thoughts sometimes. It’s very difficult to get everything straight so I can think properly about each situation and really know what I am doing.”

Tarot Readings

She began exploring the world of tarot cards with friends. Tarot card readings are done in a way to make sense of the past and present, but also give insight into the possibilities of the future. It was a fun world to explore and Julia began to read cards for a handful of friends, beginning to trust and enjoy her own intuition.

“A lot of times if there is something stuck in your head that you just can’t get around. If you have a reading, you can put everything out visually in front of you. You can look at it and say ‘here we go, here’s the answer, this is what I needed.'”

bipolar tarot yoga julia hy

Similar to most spiritual practices, such as crystal healing or prayer, many people debate whether these practices “actually work.” Julia and I both agree that is really just matters what you believe. If you go into a reiki healing or tarot reading with a bad attitude, you won’t get anything out of it at all. However, an open mind and curiosity can allow new insight into your life.

“As long as you have an open mind, things will be fine and you will get something from the reading.”

It’s just about having fun with it and giving yourself options to explore, new things to try!

bipolar tarot yoga julia hy

Yoga and Healthy Habits

Throughout the interview, we discuss several other was Julia is shaping her lifestyle in a better why that helps her treat bipolar symptoms. She suggests:

  • Yoga – “If I miss a day of yoga, I can tell just in the way my brain is reacting.”
  • Eating Well – “Diet has a huge impact on your mental state!”
  • Using Mantras – ” ‘You are a beautiful badass’ is my favorite!”
  • Self Care – “I am learning how to not beat myself up.”
  • Seeking Help – Julia sees a counselor and was courageous enough to each out to me when she felt inspired to.

Meet Julia Hy

Our favorite quote on self-discovery:

“If I’m not around anyone, I end up just being my symptoms. ‘If I’m not defined by these things and if I am not putting myself in these boxes for other people, then who am I?'”

As we mentioned in the video, we really encourage y’all to reach out to either one of us if you are struggling and need someone to chat with. We are your community and are here to connect with you! There are so many great ways you can connect with Julia.

Don’t ever be embarrassed to reach out. If something in her story hit home with you, reach out to her or comment below. It helps us all work towards a more beautiful world when we can conversate with others who understand. It encourages healing.

bipolar tarot yoga julia hy

The Remote Yogi Tribe

Throughout the interview, we also chat a little bit about the Remote Yogi Tribe, our online community for yoga, mindfulness, and connection. As a member, Julia has been enjoying the yoga videos and networking with other members. In addition to a wide inventory of yoga classes, we post a new one each week, guided meditations, free resources such as meal plans, coaching workshops, live video calls, and our private Facebook community. Julia commented, “I’m sorry but what Facebook group do you have where everyone is being positive to each other?”

If you’re interested in being a part of an online community of that is truly dedicated to your personal growth and wellbeing, check out the Tribe! We have an introductory two week free trial so you can dip your toes in the water 🙂

As always, if you have any questions or simply want to chat, comment below. For more privacy, reach me at Taryn@theremoteyogi.com.

Namaste beautifuls!