The office can be a stressful environment! Whether you are rushing to meet a deadline or simply typing away at your computer for too many hours of the day, the body reacts to this stress by becoming tight or tense. You may feel your shoulders lifting closer to your ears, your lower back in pain, or your posture out of alignment. While these symptoms are normal when working at a desk, we can practice yoga poses to relieve the stress on the body. Thankfully, there are plenty of yoga poses and movements that you can do from the comfort of your desk.

“A good stance and posture reflect a proper state of mind.” – Morihei Ueshiba

Keep these instructions handy by downloading the PDF and keeping it handy at your desk. You can also scroll to the bottom of these instructions to watch the video and see how each move is done.




Here are nine yoga poses you can do to enjoy a feel body stretch from your desk:

yoga moves desk

Side Stretch

Scoot your seat over to the right side of the chair. Bring the left hand down to grasp the edge of the seat and reach the right hand over head. Actively reach the side of the chest to the right as the left arm reaches overhead. Hold as long as you would like and repeat on the other side.

yoga moves desk

Shoulder Stretch

Bind the fingers together with the palms away from the body. On the inhale, press the palms away from the body and up towards the ceiling. On the exhale, release the hands and stretch out to the side and back down to center. Repeat.

yoga moves desk

Neck Stretch

Bind the fingertips together and bring the hands to the back of the head. On the inhale, pull the elbows back and open the chest. On the exhale, pull the elbows together, bring the chin to chest, and round forward. Repeat as many times as you would like, keeping the forward fold as long as you would like.

yoga moves desk

Elbow Circles

Bring the fingers to rest on the tops of the shoulders. Make big or small circles with the elbows and take your time. Switch directions and take the elbows the opposite way. Continue for as long as you would like (suggested 5-10 circles each way).

yoga moves desk

Eagle Pose

In your seat, cross your left leg over your right leg. Place your right arm on top of your left and bind the fronts of the backs of the hands together. On an inhale, reach the hands up towards the ceiling. On the exhale, squeeze the elbows into the belly and round forward. Repeat a couple times and switch sides.

yoga moves desk

Seated Forward Fold

Scoot to the edge of your seat and fold forward. Allow the hands, shoulders, neck, and head to relax into the fold and hang similarly to a rag doll. Hold for at least five breaths, or as long as it feels good.

yoga moves desk

Hamstring Stretch

Scoot to the edge of your seat and straighten into one leg, flexing the toes back towards your face. Fold forward with two options – keep the chest lifted and look forward OR round forward and relax into the posture.

yoga moves desk

Hip Stretch

Place your right ankle on top of the left thigh, pressing the right knee down to make a box shape. Bring the right hand to the knee to press further into the hip opener or lean the chest forward as far as it feels good. Hold this pose for as long as you would like and switch sides.

yoga moves desk

Seated Twist

Scoot to the edge of your seat. Fold forward and bring the right hand onto the floor, reaching the left fingertips up towards the ceiling.  Hold this pose for as long as it feels good and then switch sides.

There are plenty more yoga poses you can do from a chair or a desk. I suggest you play around with what feels good to you and don’t be afraid to get creative with your movements.

Check out the video for additional instruction:





Questions about any of the poses or other movements you can do from your desk? Reach out in the comments below and I would be happy to help!

Thanks for reading & watching, Taryn <3

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