“Finally, for the record, the best relationship I have ever had, is with myself. I made Love, I receive love, and I give love. My words of suggestion for all who read this are to live alive, breathe, and go the distance! You’ll be glad you did.” – Helen Edwards, Nothing Sexier Than Freedom

I am thrilled and honored to be introducing you to my good friend, Helen Edwards. Helen is an amazing woman who is working hard to spread her love for yoga, feminine energy, and living in authenticity. She is constantly helping others in her community, having volunteered at shelters throughout her life, teaching yoga in prisons, and spread love to everyone around her. She recently published her first book, a story of her personal journey, called Nothing Sexier Than Freedom.

helen edwards nothing sexier than freedom

Nothing Sexier Than Freedom is Helen’s personal tell all. She walks her readers through her unconventional beliefs and unique life experiences that have shaped the woman she has become. She gets real, raw, and chats openly about cheating, sex, death, and what it means to be free. Her story will make you want to drop the book and dance around the room. It will encourage you to find your own version of sexy freedom.

In today’s interview, we dive into Helen’s yoga journey, what led her to teach, and how yoga impacted her life. She shares her insight on living authentically, her opinion on labels and the damage they can cause, and what advice she would give to other young girls. We chat about the importance of forgiveness and self-love.

Check out her interview:

Interview with Helen Edwards from The Remote Yogi – Taryn Raine on Vimeo.

Favorite Interview Highlights:

On teaching yoga:

“I was blown away by yoga teacher training because I learned it was not just about the asanas (yoga postures), it was about the mind and body. And the spirituality part of it too. It was fascinating! What I had gotten out of the training was more of a healing experience.”

“What I was practicing and what I was preaching, they had to become one…. Yoga changed my life by helping me become a stronger, more dependable, and more accountable yogini.”

helen edwards nothing sexier than freedom

Our amazing group of ladies from Buti Certification

What does it mean to live in authenticity?

“I don’t know how to be any other way, to be honest.”

“I had to learn how to use authenticity and being raw to help others, instead of being more on this rebellious state… It’s my life force. It’s my wealth.”

When speaking about forgivenessHelen shares part of her experiences in Rwanda, witnessing forgiveness in the hardest of circumstances. She also had to learn to forgive herself for regrets she has in life, such as not fighting for her son.

“If you wanna see brave, look at those who can forgive.” – Bhagavad Gita

Number one advice for young girls?

“Stop comparing and turn off your media if you find yourself comparing. Comparison is one of the biggest reasons why we care what other people think. When we care too much about what other people think, that’s when we start bashing ourselves.”

Advice for writing a personal story?

“Just go all in. You’ve got to make that decision to go all in because it will be therapeutic for you as the author, which means it is going to be therapeutic for your readers who relate to it.”

“Feel the fear and do it anyway. Embrace and dance with it.”

helen edwards nothing sexier than freedom

Where to find Helen?

The BEST way to keep up-to-date with Helen is visiting SexyFreedom.com. From there, you can sign up for her newsletter, listen to podcasts, find out about upcoming events, and so much more. Be share to follow her Instagram and other social media platforms @SexyFreedomMedia. You can also check out her business partner, Sara Brooke Wolf, at @SerenityRevolution.

Interested in joining one of Helen’s classes? Good news! She is one of our upcoming guest teachers on the Remote Yogi Tribe Membership. In the Phoenix area? Helen is constantly hosting Buti classes, workshops, and retreats throughout Arizona.

Wild Women Rising Retreat

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It was such a pleasure to introduce you to Helen. I hope you read her book, listen to her podcast, or attend one of her classes. She truly is a badass with a giant heart and is a powerful light worker. It is such an honor to call her my friend.

I would love to know, what was your favorite take-away from the interview? Do you have any questions for Helen? Comment below and let’s keep the conversation going!

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Keep spreading light and love!

Taryn xo