“Leave your front door and your back door open. Allow your thoughts to come and go. Just don’t serve them tea.” – Shunryu Suzuki

Mindfulness is a popular topic on my blog because developing mindful habits has completely changed my life! I am thrilled to be sharing my favorite practices with you in my 14 Days of Mindfulness e-book.

I have grown up with a mind that was full of anxiety – always thinking about the future, worried out about situations that were out of my control, etc. Have you ever stressed yourself out about some kind of imaginary future scenario? Or were unable to enjoy something that was happening right in front of you, like a performance or conversation with a friend, because you were busy thinking about your dang grocery bill from earlier today? You know what I am talking about. We have all done it – been busy thinking about a million things rather than actually experiencing our lives.

free mindfulness ebook 14 day guide

Mindfulness is all about slowing down and actually living our lives, in each moment. We get to witness so many beautiful things around us every single day. Somehow, we have developed an odd belief that witnessing the beauty of life and our planet can only be enjoyed from the bliss of a holiday. Guess what? Not true!

Last month, I spent a week disconnected from society at a Buddhist meditation retreat on an island in Thailand. The entire week was spent in hours of meditation and learning all about mindful practices, Buddhism, and learning to appreciate stillness. It was incredible, but also challenging for me. One of my greatest conflicts while attending was how few practical, simple mindfulness practices were shared. We don’t all have hours to spend on a mediation mat or to spend strolling peacefully in a beautiful garden.

free mindfulness ebook 14 day guide

I believe it is much simpler than that. Being present, being a part of your daily live, involved in each minute, can be way easier than that. It is all about baby steps.

Mindfulness can be as simple as taking in your surrounding when you’re a passenger in a long car ride, rather than staring at your phone screen. It can be the pleasure of a wonderful meal, savoring each bite. Practice being mindful just by appreciating the sunrise or sunset. Simple. Easy.

That’s what my 14 Days of Mindfulness is all about! It is a challenge for you to try some of my practices. Some practices won’t even add a second to your limited time! It’s just a mindset, a lifestyle.

Get your e-book!

free mindfulness ebook 14 day guide

Each day will contain a challenges, an optional journal entry, and one of my favorite quotes. I have made this challenge easily accessible and FREE because I know how important the practice is. Plus, I am here to answer questions! You can shoot me an email any time.

To download, simply click on this link and enter your email address! You will receive a simple confirmation email to make sure that you’re not a robot. Once confirmed, the e-book will be on it’s way to your inbox! Super easy 🙂

free mindfulness ebook 14 day guide

I am thrilled to be sharing this latest resource and know it will be a great tool for you! Comment below – What mindfulness practices do you use regularly? What was your favorite practice suggested in the book? I would love to have an awesome conversation about it in the comments below!