Yoga withouta mat

“Smell the sea and feel the sky. Let your soul and spirits fly.” – Van Morrison

Have you ever found yourself kayaking out to a beach in the middle of nowhere and find yourself thinking, man, I wish I had my yoga mat? Okay, maybe not that specific… but if you’re a yogi, then you have found yourself in a situation where you would love to enjoy a practice but your mat is far away.

Did you know you can totally do yoga without a mat?!

Of course, a sticky mat is truly ideal for a practice that has us rolling around on the floor or doing a bunch of downward-facing dogs. But it is not always needed for a standing practice. You can pull off a wicked lung without a mat right? It’s pretty easy.

yoga without a mat beach

Last month, I took an amazing cruise around Ha Long Bay in Vietnam. I highly suggest doing the same if you ever plan on venturing over to Southeast Asia. The sites are stunning and the itinerary is full of fun. You can kayak, do Tai Chi on the deck, watch the sunset around the rocks, and swim on the beach. If you want more details, don’t worry; I did a blog post on it 🙂

One afternoon, we kayaked on to this small beach area and I loved how serene it was. It is such a pleasure for me to practice yoga when I am surrounded by nature’s beauty. It is tranquil and allows me to connect with the earth. I was bummed for a split second that I did not bring my mat. However, I brought my GoPro and figured a good standing practice would be great for my readers too.


This 15-minute practice involves a lot of movement in the spine, strengthening of the legs, and balancing work. This video is a quick practice, but is designed to get the blood flowing and give you a quick burst of energy. No need for a mat! Join me for this quick practice.

Yoga without a mat

Thank you for tuning in to another online class. I would love to know what moves you practice without a mat! Comment below if you have any questions.