“Take a rest; a field that has rested gives a beautiful crop” – Ovid

I love nearly every yoga class I have ever taught, each with their unique style, variety of students, and challenges that accompany the practice. However, I had a special love for days when my “Yoga for Jocks” class in my small hometown would have a limited turn out. My regular students knew they would be in for a treat when a handful of people would be in the room when class began, as small groups were necessary for wall yoga.


Yoga props are almost always used in my classes (except for my classes on the road where resources are limited). Props, such as yoga straps, blocks, and bolsters, offer students additional support to explore poses in a safe manner. The wall is no exception!

Fellow Earhart remote and dear friend, Amelia, joins me on the mat today to demonstrate a forty-minute practice which uses the wall to support the body and offer assistance to deepen stretches. We focus on some areas where Amelia was feeling especially tight – the neck, shoulders, and hips. Of course, the hamstrings and back are going to feel some stretching too, but will not necessarily be the focus of the class.

I invite you to follow along and enjoy the practice in its entirety. Then, feel free to pick some of your favorite poses to add to your morning or evening routines. Why not stretch out the shoulders in your office between calls? Or throw your legs up onto the headboard while laying in bed? There are plenty of options to add this practice to your life!

I would love to hear what you thought of the practice. Did any of the poses shock you? What was challenging? What poses were your favorite? Comment below, as I would love to chat yoga with you!

Namaste yogis!

Taryn <3