“I love the feeling of being anonymous in a city I have never been to before.”

Man did I have a crazy six days just a week ago. My good friend, Flick, and I decided to head away from Budapest for a few days to visit some other European cities. We ended up planning an exciting trip of one night in Vienna, two nights in Prague, and two nights in Berlin.

We definitely had an interesting trip. Things did not go as planned and I ended up getting pretty sick, but nothing held us back from having a grand adventure!

Thursday – BUD > VIE

After throwing a bunch of random clothes and my work stuff into my backpack, I met Flick for a quick snack before heading to Vienna. We had booked a Bla Bla Car which is a sort of carpooling app that is pretty popular in Europe. Unfortunately, our driver never showed up and we could not get a hold of them! This was after we took multiple cabs to the meeting place (our first cab drove us in the wrong direction and then kicked us out of his car because his app wasn’t working). This was a bit annoying, but we booked a bus and headed out only a few hours behind schedule.

Once we got to Vienna, we realized that our sim cards were not working for data in Austria and we had no euro… so we ended up taking a pretty long walk in the sun without water to our hotel.

We were lucky enough to be meeting up with some other remotes from a different group and shared a bedroom at the Marriott in Vienna. So nice to sleep in a comfy bed again, btw! We did some work from the hotel room before heading out to wander the city that evening. We had a nice dinner, a bottle of wine, and headed back for a good night’s sleep.


Friday – VIE > PRG

Friday morning, I had booked a walking tour online. However, my sleep deprived and wine-silly self had booked the walking tour for Prague, rather than Vienna. Whoops! We ended up finding a different tour anyways and wandered around a bit of old town.


During the tour, our guide mentioned a gallery nearby that featured the work of some of Flick’s favorite artists. We quickly headed over to the Belvedere Museum to see the beautiful work of Klimt and other artists, such as Monet, Van Gogh, and Beckmann. Plus, the Belvedere Palace and Gardens are absolutely gorgeous!


We headed to the bus station only to find out that our original bus had been cancelled. Instead, we were booked for a different bus five hours later. This was super frustrating, as we wouldn’t be getting into Prague until midnight!

However, we decided to make the most of our time and visit the Schönbrunn Palace, which is well-known for its extensive and memorizing gardens. We wandered the grounds, napped on a park bench, and found an adorable beer garden nearby to grab a bite to eat before heading back to the damn bus station.


Midnight, we “landed” in Prague and headed straight to bed (we had swapped rooms with the other remote girls we had met up with in Vienna). We were supposed to go out with some of the remotes living in the city, but sickness had caught up with me and my throat was rudely swollen beyond an ability to easily guzzle down beer. We figured it would be better to sleep it off.

Saturday – Prague

Saturday morning, we enjoyed a nice breakfast with another new remote friend named Bharath. Then, we headed out to the free walking tour. You know, the one that I thought I had booked the day before… It explored part of the old town, the lesser town, and the grand castle.


Afterwards, we frolicked over to the John Lennon wall. This is pretty much necessary for a photo lover like me 🙂


We walked along the river, enjoyed some cider, and picked up some wine and cheese to munch on until dinner. We were invited to join a few of the local remotes (Meraki) to a fancy tasting dinner. As a veg head, I am not into tasting menus much, but it was fun.

Afterwards, they took us out to the coolest underground bar in Prague! It felt like we were in a giant tree house, with live music featuring a didgeridoo, and hippies. I fit right in. Then, we wandered around to a few more bars before heading to bed…. at 5 am… nbd.

Sunday – PRG > BER

Needless to say, we did not really wake up in time to do additional sight seeing in Prague, but we had a quick bite to eat and headed back to the bus station. We were super pumped for our next stop, Berlin!


We arrived in Berlin late into the evening and found our way to our hostel, Singer109, which was super cute and had the coolest bartender in town, Connor. Connor was incredible enough to make me his special drink for sore throats and it worked wonders! Pride weekend had just ended and he advised us over to some fun gay bars for the night. It was a fun time.

Annddd… bed time <3

Monday – Berlin

We had breakfast in the hostel and got some work done before heading out to meet up with some other friends who were in town. We wandered over to Alexanderplatz, lunch, and on to more shopping. I was on the hunt for some birthday presents and was not at all disappointed by the unique and artistic selection of stores in Berlin.


We said adios to our friends, Sadie and Andrea, before heading around the city and over to the East Wall Gallery. This is an amazing display of artwork on what was a section of the Berlin wall. We walked along the wall, watched some street performers, and stopped by a cool bar for pizza on the way back to the hostel. Berlin has these incredible bars along the river that are a hippie’s paradise. I loved it!


We went back at the hostel, needing to get more work done #digitalnomadlife. We had plans to adventure out to one of those nifty outdoor bars, but our planned were crushed by rain. Boo! We still headed out for a couple drinks before getting some amazing falafel on the way home.

Tuesday – BER > BUD

Woke up super bummed to see the rain was still ongoing and my throat was still angrily swollen. However, I had booked a bike tour of the city and was determined to see more of historic Berlin. I said goodbye to Flick, who has visited the city before and needed to work, and crossed my fingers that my sneakers and cardigan would keep me somewhat warm.

They didn’t, but at least the biking tour guides were able to sell me a cheap plastic poncho for a euro. This helped… but a couple people in the group snickered at me for being “unprepared for the Berlin weather”. I shrugged it off. I was determined to see the day through.

So glad that I did! The bike tour gave me a ton of great stops, such as the oldest church in Berlin, the memorial for the burned books, Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate, Tiergarten, Museum Island, and more. I freaking loved the tour.


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I headed back to the hostel for another amazing drink to warm up, courtesy of Connor. We got some work done before catching the flight back to Budapest.

Enjoy a video of my trip <3


Such a fun trip with unexpected twists and turns! I definitely need to go back and spend some more time in Berlin. I feel like there was much more to be explored.

As always, thanks for staying tuned in to my travels <3

Love, Taryn




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