“Live in sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air.” – Emerson

Quick post today friends! I have just gotten back to Budapest after a 6 day trip to Vienna, Prague, and Berlin (can’t wait to tell you all about it!) and I am a biiiit behind on work. Digital nomad life still requires a lot of work time, btw. 🙂

I have had an incredible time exploring within the city limits of Budapest. There are so many things to see and do here that, even after a month, I feel like there are still things to be experienced! This makes it a tad stressful, especially knowing I move to Lisbon on Saturday (gasp)!

While the city is amazing, some of my greatest moments this month happened outside the city, out in the glorious nature of Hungary.

Remote Year is super rad because on top of everything else they do for us, the most valuable thing they do is getting us connected with the locals. Each month, we have the opportunity to participate is city “tracks”. Track events are designed to get us out of our comfort zones, experiencing new cultures, and enjoying opportunities that may not have been possible had we been traveling on our own. (I chatted about my tracks in Croatia last month in my blog post of local movements)

Exploring the Caves


Did you know that Budapest has a ton of caves under the city? According to caving.hu, “Budapest is the capital of caves. It is the only capital in the world which has caves of significant size and length underneath its buildings and streets. More than two hundred caves are known under the Buda side of the town.”

Cool, huh? I had an incredible time exploring these caves for a couple hours. Forewarning – the experience was way more than I bargained for! Often times, we had to army crawl our way through tiny spaces or do this fabulous move called the “superman”. It is hard to explain, but pretty much you are laying on one side, arm up in Superman position, and using one of your legs to push you through narrow tunnels. It’s intense! #growthzone

Watch my exploration of the caves here:


It’s a bit long… but I really just enjoy everyone’s faces when they get out of a tight crawl space – such relief!

I definitely would not recommend this if you have severe claustrophobia. We had a couple people really have a hard time on this track and not enjoy it as much because of the lack of light and the teeny spaces we had to push ourselves through. However, if you are not too worried about the army crawls – do it!

Canoeing the Danube River


Somehow, I have never really canoed before. The only thing we tend to do on the rivers near Phoenix is lazily float down it with a case (or two) of beer. Cheers to trying new things!

A group of us grabbed some canoes and a few incredible locals showed us the way upstream towards lunch. Canoeing upstream was more challenging than I would have imagined. My arms and abs were pretty tired, but lunch was worth it! Our new local friends cooked traditional Hungarian food over an open fire in the coolest location that overlooked the river.

Check it out >


Such a fun time! While we did this through our great friends at Remote Year, it looks like there are ways you can take a canoe tour while you are visiting Budapest as well. Who wouldn’t want to join this fun canoe tour of the Danube River?

More on Budapest to come…

Want to know more about my recommendations in Budapest? Don’t worry! I will be working on a guide, just like the one I made for Split, Croatia.

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Love ya lots, Taryn