“We’ve become strangers to nature. And the best way to live longer, healthier lives is to re-wild ourselves by returning to nature whenever we can.” – Daniel Vitalis

I have been blessed with the opportunity to continue teaching yoga while I travel the world. There is a great benefit in traveling in a group of 50 people, because more than like, someone will have similar hobbies, will want to collaborate, or will want to attend your yoga classes! It is a fun way to connect with my new friends.

I have hosted a couple classes at the local park here in Split, Croatia. The park offers the perfect setting for a practice in nature, complete with shady trees and birds singing. However, it is also complete with strangers walking by, people staring, and children interrupting class to takeover the show. It all adds to the experience and we have been loving it!


I decided to film class last week, as a great way to share our experience with you! Grab your mat and join us for this hour long practice.

Before we start… set an intention

At the beginning of this practice, I will ask you to set an intention. What on earth does this mean?! I want you to think about what you want today, either in your practice or in general. Are you looking for peace? For productivity? Are you looking to embody a certain feeling today? Take a moment to establish this thought early on in your practice and let it work as your guide. When you take the time to focus and be clear on what you want, you are more likely to take action towards the desires within your heart.

Examples: I set the intention to be committed to the health of my mind, body, and soul today. I intend to embody the feelings of pure gratitude today. My intention is to slay 🙂

Closing affirmations…

Feel free to repeat these as needed, or any other words you need to tell yourself today.

I am strong.

I am capable of anything I put my mind to.

I am worthy.

I am grounded.

I am enough.

See more examples of my favorite affirmations here > 



Hope you enjoyed class! I would love to know what you think of it 🙂