“A strong man and a waterfall always channel their own path.” – Unknown

I can’t believe I have already been in Croatia for 10 days, but at the same time, it feels like I have been friends with my new family for a long time.

We have spent hours gathered together for workshops, dance parties on the beach (in the rain), and have shared plenty of meals. I am feeling supported, motivated, and at home with my new tramily aka tribe family or travel family.


Let me introduce you to Remote Year: Earhart. You can call us Hartthrobs 🙂

This past Sunday, a group of us planned a day trip up to the waterfalls in Krka and the sound organ in Zadar. It was quite the adventure!

First off, I want to advise you on rental cars if you ever visit Split. There are a lot of hills and the rental cars are all standards. I highly recommend avoiding small, light cars with little push. We got some Fiat Pandas and once we crammed five people into each one, we could barely get up the hills in first gear and full gas… So… definitely will be renting better vehicles from now on, even if they’re more expensive.


The drive to Krka from Split was about an hour and a half, but we had a blast jamming to music, laughing at the funny noises people make in their sleep, and enjoying the gorgeous scenery through the mountains of Croatia.

Krka was packed with people! The walking trail itself is rather short, but while the crowds it can take about an hour to walk through the trails. The trails are gorgeous and I almost wish we could’ve gone slower, but without all the people in our way.

Krka waterfalls zadar sound organ


It was amazing to swim in the fresh water, especially after choking on salt water in the ocean all week. I still wear goggles of course because contacts suck. The waterfalls were amazing!!!

Krka waterfalls zadar sound organ

Krka waterfalls zadar sound organ

We decided to go to Zadar to experience the sounds of the Sea Organ there. The Sea Organ is a piece of architecture located no the coast of Zadar that creates music when the ocean waves pass through tubes located below the marble staircase. I love the sound of it and have listened to the sea organ on YouTube several times. However, it is harder to enjoy the sound in person because of the sounds of all those visiting the city. It would’ve been better early morning or late at night when fewer people are around.


Even still, you can hear the mysterious sounds on my video below and check out their light show, which mimics the wave lines.

I was very proud of myself for finding the courage to jump into the ocean off the top edge of the platform. It was a blast!

Krka waterfalls zadar sound organ

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