Amelia Earhart

“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life; and the procedure, the process is its own reward.” – Amelia Earhart

Wow. The day is finally here. I am currently sitting at the airport, eating a cheap breakfast sandwich, and reminiscing on Amelia Earhart, the steps that got me here, and the people who supported my dreams.

Why Amelia Earhart? That’s the name of my travel group – Earhart. What an inspirational guideline to the next year of my journey. To live life each day in her footsteps. To choose to live boldly. To navigate the world through her passion. To be circled by a group of fellow badasses who are also leaving their fears behind for something different. Something wild.

Badassery attracts badassery. – the Remote Yogi

I am ready. Ready to dive into new cultures, taste new experiences, cultivate new opportunities. I am ready to build my new network, a family of people experiencing the same struggle of jamming their lives into a suitcase for the hopes the grandest adventure.

Guys, this is real! #pinchme


While I am enthusiastic about my new beginnings, I am also finding gratitude for how I got here.

This was not the life I had planned, not even in my wildest dreams. As a girl, I dreamed of motherhood. I dreamed of marriage. I dreamed of the home I would create with my family.

It was never, ever a thought that my life would be different, that I would leave a man I loved to us to both live better lives. That I would leave the beautiful home we tried to create together. I had no doubt that my childhood best friend and I would be raising children at the same time, breeding a new generation of obnoxious little hellions together. I never thought about the freedom that might be mine one day if I decided to stop caring about “stuff”.

The craziest part is that I would not change my life for anything. I am so grateful for my ex husband, for the short time we spent together, in love and hoping for the future. I am grateful I left all the material items behind. I am grateful that I get to watch my beautiful best friend as she continues to inspire me with her new role of motherhood and how I still get to be apart of it.

My life is not where I thought it would be, and I am glad.


But really… there are many thank you’s to give…

But really, what would I do without my circle? The people who coached me through the hard times, laughed with me through the good, and always believed in me? You gave me the solid ground I needed to rebuild on.


… those who take my phone calls all hours of the day

… those who have never judged me for the decisions I have made

… those who always had the words I needed to hear, even when I wasn’t trying to listen

… the one who dropped your evening plans to share a bottle of wine with me


… the one who taught me that my career is not the most important piece of my life

… the one who includes me in the life of their children

… the one who helped me figure out my career

… the women who taught me about bravery


… the one who truly understood the grief of my divorce and helped me laugh anyways

… those who dropped everything to find the time to say good bye

… the ones who have welcomed me into their home, now that I no longer have an address

… those who helped with packing, garage sales, and moving


… those who bought all my shit (real MVPs)

… the one who encouraged me that this trip was not a cool opportunity, but a necessity

… the ones who “check in” on me

… the one who selflessly took in my pup

… those who worry and care about me


… those who gave financial gifts. I would not be here without you and my heart is swollen with gratitude. Pure appreciation. I have never felt so humbled.

… those who believe in me.

It is an incredible feeling to know that I have a circle of people around me who seek to lift me up, who put their faith in me, who see greatness within me when I am not feeling very great.

Knowing that I have people in my life who believe in me has been the best blessing of this entire experience.


How lucky am I to be surrounded by other badasses who are off chasing their dreams?! Who are forging their own paths, and encouraging me on mine? How damn cool is it that I get to call these incredible human beings “my people”.

Again, I am humbled.

I am blessed.

I am freaking crying at the airport right now!

and I hope I continue to make you proud.


I have so much love for the people in my life. I cannot wait to see the cool life YOU lead over the next year and I hope you keep up with mine.

Psssst…. All the photos included are from my Bon Voyage party or solo Bon Voyages gathering. It is not AT ALL a representation of everyone I mentioned in this list. 


Taryn Raine

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