Hello students, family, friends, and new faces! I am thrilled to introduce you to my new blog: the Remote Yogi.

If you know me in person, on social media, or through my previous blog, Taryn Raine Yoga, you would know that I have been speaking about this new blog for some time now. I have been brainstorming my branding, how I would like my site to look and feel, and what I should focus my writing on. Feel free to check out my About page for more about me!

My previous blogs have been a little scattered, so I am hoping to keep this one more organized and fulfill my promises to provide the kind of posts you are looking for.

I will be breaking this blog down into four parts: Movement, Nourishment, Lifestyle, and Exploration.

What to expect?



This is where you will find all the good information on yoga and fitness. I will be sharing things you can do on the road, how to find time for movement in a busy lifestyle, and yoga for any scenario you’re looking for. Your input and requests are always appreciated and listened to. Feel free to comment below!



Who is ready for some yummy, healthy, and low cost recipes? It may sound too good to be true, but I promise, it is not! I am a firm believer that each person and their body is unique, so it is important for you to make informed decisions about what feels best for you. I try to follow a plant based diet and will be sharing recipes that traditionally follow that path. Of course, I occasionally venture away for some delicious pizza or fancy cheese, so no judgements here! I will simply be sharing the food I love, ways to eat healthy on-the-go, and fun things I try along the journey.



This is where I will be sharing some my daily life. I am excited to introduce some of my habits, such as bullet journals, and my spirituality. This is also where I will be sharing stories and teachings of those around me. Perhaps I will introduce you to a fabulous mandala teacher or a friend can join me for an interview on Gemstones 101. It is going to be fun! If you are interested in being featured, please reach out.



I hope you are as excited as I am to witness my travels around the globe! I head out at the end of May to join my fellow travelers with the organization, Remote Year. Starting in Croatia, I will make my way through a couple more stops in Europe, a few months in Asia, and half a year throughout South and Central America. While I am no travel expert, I am already learning a ton of travel tips, so I will be letting you know what works and what does not. I will share my favorite parts of each location and about my experiences with the group.

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Namaste <3